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Leftist Guru: The Settlers Have Won

“The settlers have won and they deserve the victory,” wrote ultra-leftist journalist Gideon Levy wrote in his home newspaper Haaretz Thursday.Levy explained that the settlers – as Jews living in Judea and Samaria are often called, in short – “simply wanted it more, and that is also why they won. The settlers tried harder, they sacrificed […]

Thousands of Ethiopian Jews’ immigration dreams still on hold

Chen Asemamo has been waiting 15 years for her grandmother to also be permitted to move to Israel and join the family, which arrived nearly in its entirety in the 1990s. “Every time they tell her ‘soon, soon’, that’s the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption’s code,” she said. “My grandmother has six children and more […]

PLO: Jewish settlement approvals ‘destroys the chance for peace’

In a consultation held in the PM’s office upon announcement of the court decision, it was decided that construction would start on 300 housing units promised to the settlement three years ago in return for the court-ordered evacuation of structures built on private Palestinian lands.   Leaders of the Jewish Home party said they regretted […]

‘Jewish Holy Temples Never Existed’ Says Israeli Arab MK

On the anniversary of the destruction of the two Jewish Holy Temples in Jerusalem, Tisha B’Av, an Israeli Arab lawmaker insisted in a radio interview that neither ever existed.   Joint Arab List (Ra’am Tal) Knesset member Masoud Ganaim made the statement during an interview Sunday (July 26) on Galei Tzahal Army Radio. Ganaim was […]

Religious leaders gather at president’s home for unity summit

Among those speaking at the conference, which was organized with the Jewish People Policy Institute, were Rabbi Benny Lau of the Ramban Orthodox community in Jerusalem; Rabbi Chaya Rowen-Baker of the Conservative Ramot Zion congregation in Jerusalem; Rabbi Meir Azari of the Reform Beit Daniel synagogue in Tel Aviv; Dr. Moti Zeira from HaMidrasha in […]

Kerry has ‘intense exchange’ with Jewish leaders over Iran deal

Secretary of State John Kerry had an “intense exchange” when he tried to sell the Iran nuclear deal to skeptical Jewish leaders in New York on Friday. A day after GOP senators blasted him for getting “fleeced” by Iran, Kerry faced another tough crowd in a closed-door meeting with about 120 Jewish leaders at the […]

Iran rejects German call to recognize Israel

Gabriel, who is also economy minister, is the first senior figure from a large western government to visit Iran since it struck a landmark agreement with world powers on its nuclear program last week.   The deal was reached despite strong opposition from Israel, with which Germany has cultivated a close relationship since the end […]

UK’s Cameron: Jewish-centric conspiracy theories must be challenged

Conspiracy theories of a powerful Jewish cabal or a Western plan to destroy Islam must be challenged in efforts to counter radicalization, British Prime Minister David Cameron will say on Monday.   In a speech in the central English city of Birmingham, Cameron is to announce a five-year plan to tackle home-grown Islamic extremism and […]

Jewish Leader: Deal with Iran is ‘Traitorous’

Arutz Sheva spoke with Helen Freedman, executive director of Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI). Freedman attended an event on Wednesday hosted by First Lady Nechama Rivlin marking ten years since the Disengagement from Gaza and northern Samaria, in which almost 10,000 Jews were expelled from their homes.   AFSI, said Freedman “was with Gush […]

BBC Admits Covering Up Palestinian Anti-Semitism

Even before the BBC’s new documentary on last summer’s war in Gaza airs, the broadcasting organization has admitted that it distorts the truth in order to make the Palestinians appear more sympathetic.   The documentary, entitled “Children of Gaza,” aims at depicting how Operation Protective Edge affected children living in and around the Gaza Strip. […]