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Jews to Protest Unofficial Temple Mount Ban

Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount have been told repeatedly that they are banned from entering Judaism’s holiest site due to Ramadan over the past several weeks – and one group plans to protest.   Haim Brosh, spokesman for Students for the Temple Mount, spoke to Arutz Sheva on Wednesday about the situation.   “Jews who arrived […]

Israel slams UNESCO for ignoring Jewish, and Christian, connection to Jerusalem

Israel slammed the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization on Tuesday for adopting a “completely one-sided resolution” on the Old City of Jerusalem that “deliberately ignores the historical connection between the Jewish people and their ancient capital.”   The resolution, adopted by the World Heritage Committee meeting in Bonn, Germany, takes Israel to task for […]

‘Temple Mount is Judenrein’

Jews barred from entering the Temple Mount registered an original, if provocative, protest Tuesday, by means of a small sign that says “Judenrein – clean of Jews.” The sign was put up by the protesters at the entrance to the Western Wall Plaza and photographed.   “Judenrein,” the German word meaning “Jew-free,” was often used […]

BDS movement seeks to empty Israel of Jews, former Spanish PM says

On the cover Spanish daily El Pais on June 30, 1998 was a photograph of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, then serving his first term, next to his Spanish counterpart, then-prime minister Jose Maria Aznar. The photo was taken at a joint press conference that the two leaders held a day earlier.   Demonstrating the close […]

Iran Behind Hezbollah Plan to Attack Jews, Israelis in Europe

Cypriot Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides confirmed that authorities in his country likely foiled a plan involving a 26-year-old Lebanese-Canadian man who was planning to build bombs to target Israelis and Jews, reports Reuters.   The man was likely working for the Iran proxy Hezbollah, a terrorist group based in Lebanon, according to the foreign minister. […]

Anti-Semitic Canadian Paper Blames Jews for 9/11

The Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) filed a formal complaint with the Toronto Police earlier this month, after an anti-Semitic advertisement was featured in the May issue of the Your Ward News bulletin.   The bulletin is distributed by mail to residents in the East York and Beach areas.   The front page displays several […]

Anti-Semitic incidents reach all-time high in Canada

Recorded anti-Semitic incidents reached an all-time high in Canada last year, indicates B’nai Brith’s annual audit.   The yearly tally, released June 11, shows there were 1,627 reported anti-Semitic incidents in 2014, a 28 percent increase over the year before.   The previous record was 1,345 incidents in 2012.   Most cases last year – […]

Spain’s parliament to approve citizenship for descendents of expelled Jews

The conditions required to submit a request for citizenship have been thought out by Spanish authorities to the most minute detail and span over 10 pages, including a detailed description of a requirement to prove family connection to the Jews that were expelled 523 years ago. Citizenship applications could be based on family documents kept […]

Blair to fight against anti-Semitism in Europe

The organization campaigns for European nations to make Holocaust denial a criminal offense, produce clear definitions of racism and anti-Semitism, and to have governments pay for security at Jewish schools and synagogues.   Blair and Russian-born Jewish businessman Moshe Kantor announced the appointment with a joint article in British newspaper The Times, in which they […]

I’m Closest Thing to a Jew in Oval Office

Ahead of Channel 2’s interview with US President Barack Obama on Tuesday night, Ilana Dayan of the “Uvda” (Fact) TV show interviewed some of the closest advisers to Obama to paint a wider picture of the president ahead of his TV interview.   Dayan spoke with Obama’s senior adviser, David Axelrod, who was a key supporter […]