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Obama’s insinuations of Jewish influence and interference

During President Barack Obama’s recent speech on his Iran nuclear-agreement at American University, he chose to gain support for the deal at Israel’s expense. He made the claim that “Because this is such a strong deal, every nation in the world that has commented publicly, with the exception of the Israeli government, has expressed support.” […]

Seven decades delayed, Holocaust survivors make aliya

Sixty-eight years ago, Felix and Feiga Bandos got married at the former Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, at the time a displaced persons camp in Allied-occupied Germany.   Last Thursday, at the ages of 94 and 90, respectively, they have made a new home in Israel across the street from their daughter, Marilyn Broder, in the heavily […]

Hundreds of US rabbis voice support for Iran nuclear deal

More than 300 American rabbis wrote members of Congress Monday urging them to support the international nuclear deal with Iran, signalling the US Jewish community is split over the historic but controversial accord.   The religious leaders come from across the spectrum, but hail overwhelmingly from Judaism’s Conservative and Reform streams as well as other […]

Israeli Think Tank Says Iranian Desire to Destroy Jewish State is Part of Regime’s ‘Founding Vision’

According to the report, this fight to destroy the Jewish state has been an axiomatic directive of the Islamic Republic of Iran from the founding of the theocracy in 1979, which could never be “questioned or strayed from,” and was an “objective to be perpetually and actively pursued.”   Segall asserts that this enmity has […]

Millions could soon join the Jewish people?

“Some of these groups want some kind association with the Jewish people and/or Israel, which raises the question of what ties the government should have with them,” he said in a statement to the media.   Under existing law, such groups are not eligible to immigrate to Israel because at least one of their grandparents […]

Government panel to look into connecting with gentiles of Jewish descent

The government announced the formation of a special committee to investigate the relationship between the state and gentiles, many of Jewish descent, who have shown an interest in Israel and the Jewish people.   In an advertisement that ran in several local newspapers, including The Jerusalem Post, the Diaspora Affairs Ministry described the exploratory committee […]

Vatican rep urges Israels AG to prosecute Jewish extremist

An attorney representing the Custodian of the Holy Land wrote in a letter to Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein that legal action against Benzi Gopstein, the head of far-right group Lehava, was necessary due to “the public interest and of the present danger to churches and Christian communities in the country, and the real concern of […]

Israel Cracks Down On Jewish Extremists With New Arrests

Tensions have soared since that attack and on Sunday, Israeli troops shot and killed a Palestinian who had stabbed an Israeli in the West Bank, wounding him lightly.   Authorities called the arson attack an act of “Jewish terrorism,” and Israel’s Security Cabinet approved the use of harsh measures to combat the trend, including administrative […]

Benjamin Netanyahu to bring case against Iran deal to N. American Jews in live webcast event

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has repeatedly spoken out against the Iran nuclear deal, will state his case once again next week in a live webcast targeting Jewish institutions across North America.   Netanyahu will deliver remarks and answer questions from participants in an event described by organizers as a live virtual experience that will […]

Protests against homophobia and Jewish ‘terror’ take place throughout

Thousands of people joined political leaders and President Reuven Rivlin at rallies in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa Saturday night to condemn violence in Israeli society, as personified by Thursday night’s stabbing attack at Jerusalem’s annual gay pride parade and the suspected Jewish terrorist attack at Duma that killed a Palestinian toddler and seriously injured […]