Ask Irvin

Is Preterism True or False?

Have the Prophecies of Revelation been Fulfilled? David: I have a question regarding the book of Revelation and those who believe that Revelation has already been fulfilled. They speak of Revelation 1:1-3 as their proof where John says, “What must soon take place,” and they seem to harp on this as their proof that Revelation […]

What is Speaking in Tongues?

Do We Need to Speak in Tongues to be Saved? Rich: Hey Irvin, I have a difficult question for you. According to your, “What do You Mean Born Again” teaching, the repentance, baptism and infilling of the Holy Spirit are basically three steps of being born again. My question is, is the infilling of the […]

Is Germany in the Bible?

How do we Know the Leopard in Daniel 7 Represents Germany? Jerry: How did you determine that the leopard represents Germany in Daniel chapter 7?   Irvin: In Webster’s online dictionary it says that one of the symbols of Germany is the leopard. Also, I understood the symbols of the lion, the bear and the […]

Sustainable Development Goals

How will Sustainable Development Goals Affect our World? Cheryl: I watched on your archives about the four blood moons expectations because nothing seemed to happen on the 28th of September. I do know of one thing that happened, the Pope launched the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda. This will affect the whole world including Jerusalem and […]

Pope’s Visit to the U.S.

Is this the introduction of the Pope and the Antichrist reigning together? Mike: Do you see the Pope at the U.S. Congress as the introduction of the False Prophet and the Antichrist to reign together?   Irvin: The Bible teaches there will be two rulers in the Endtime – a political leader and a spiritual leader. […]

How Many Gods are There?

Why are so many churches teaching that there are three gods? Jim: I was brought up believing that there is one God that can appear in three different forms – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit but there are other churches that teach that there are three different gods – the Father, Son […]

Aid Says Obama Lied

Did President Obama intentionally lie to become president? Irvin: Welcome to the show, Irene.   Irene: I appreciate you so much and bringing our attention to the things that we need to pay particular attention to. You know the Bible says give honor to where honor is due and we can honor a particular place […]

Loving or Aiding Sinners

Is it wrong to lease intentional sinners into my rental property? Kay: I am a landowner and I am renting to a young woman. She has been renting from me for over seven years and has recently moved in her boyfriend. She knows very well how my husband and I feel about the situation because […]

Is the Government Aiding Illegals?

Is our own government helping aid illegals to enter the U.S.?!? Question  Jim from Indiana wants to hear Irvin’s thoughts on a very familiar but controversial subject.   I married a Mexican woman and I divorced her when my daughter was two years old. I took my daughter with me and raised her by myself […]

One-World Government

Are people in the media hiding the one-world government? Question Julie from Texas is concerned about this crucial subject.   Hello, I have a question about other talk radio; not your talk radio show but you know the general talk radio like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity. I have listened to them and I think […]