Will the Iran Crisis Cause WW3?

June 21, 2019   |   Category: Ask Irvin   |   Tags: , , ,

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10 Responses to “Will the Iran Crisis Cause WW3?”

  1. Joseph

    Sir good day..currently im enrolled in jpc and i am very blessed for what i have learned this past weeks my question is we have a lot preachers here in our country but none of them teach this kind of topic specifically?

    • Doug Norvell

      Hello Joseph,

      This is true, and I believe it is because many preachers do not understand the book of Revelation. Plus many believe we will be raptured out before these things begin.

  2. Tommy Workman

    I am not sure how the Endtimes will ultimately play out. What I am sure of is that the Man called Jesus Died a terrible death on a cross for my sins. I should have had the nails driven into my hand. I should have had the spear thrust into my side. But my Dear Brother Jesus took my place and suffered for me. Because of His action For Me, I have complete access to God the Father and for that I am so Thankful. I am a sinner but Jesus took upon Himself all of my sins that He set me free and I am a cleansed person because of what He did. Praise the Lord!!!