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Israel authorizes police to ′seal off′ Arab parts of Jerusalem

Netanyahu had called an emergency cabinet session on Tuesday to decide on a course of action after Palestinians had launched a series of attacks against Jews in Jerusalem and elsewhere in the country. “Today we will decide on a series of additional aggressive steps in our war against terrorists and inciters,” Netanyahu said in a […]

Israel-Palestine Violence: Fears of Third Intifada Put Jerusalem On Edge

JERUSALEM — Whether or not it’s the beginning of a third intifada in Jerusalem and surrounding territories, the recent spate of violence has everyone on edge.   Initially, tensions at the al-Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem’s walled Old City, where Palestinians fear Israel wants to change the status quo, reignited violence. The site is Islam’s […]

‘We will not live in fear in our homeland’ – Arab-Israeli Conflict

As Jewish boys no older than 10 silently lit a candle memorial in the form of a Star of David behind a metal partition in the Old City’s Arab Quarter on Wednesday, shoving matches between young Palestinian men and police nearly escalated into a fullscale riot less than 20 meters away.   Nearby, dozens of […]

Celebrating death

Just this week, the Palenstinian Authority had their flag raised outside the UN – but the streets of their cities, their villages, remained silent. No celebrations, no parades, nothing. Even their media barely made a mention of this event, undoubtedly a landmark in the extremely short history of this people invented only a half-century ago, […]

Chief Rabbi Lau to Post: One cannot ignore the fact that Israel is a Jewish state

‘Someone who looks at the idea of a democratic and Jewish state can’t ignore the fact that it is indeed a Jewish state,” says Chief Rabbi David Lau in a special interview with The Jerusalem Post for Yom Kippur. ‘   Sitting in his office on Yirmiyahu Street, Lau speaks about the specialness of the […]

Orthodox Jews see blood moon as big deal

It’s not just evangelical Christians, messianic Jews and Hebrew roots believers touting something big, something significant in the tetrad of blood moons set for a grand finale “supermoon” show Sept. 28 in a week.     Increasingly, Orthodox Jewish leaders and teachers are saying the event is significant historically and for the future of Israel […]

Israel’s chief rabbis warn against dangerous Christian event in Jerusalem

Conference by pro-Israel Christian organization accused of seeking to convert Jews to ChristianityIsraels top rabbinical authority has claimed that an event organized by the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem seeks to convert Jews to Christianity.   The chief Chief Rabbinate warned of the “spiritual danger” of the upcoming conference being organized by the pro-Israel Christian […]

European Jews mull legal action after Icelandic capital boycotts Israel

Two days after the municipal government of Iceland’s capital Reykjavik voted to boycott Israeli products, the European Jewish Congress is considering legal redress, the group announced in a statement.   On Tuesday the city’s motion stated that it would boycott Israeli goods “as long as the occupation of Palestinian territories continues.”   The local government […]

Prophetic Fulfillments Indicate Nearness of Second Coming

How Close are we to the Second Coming? World events continue to move toward fulfillment of the Bible’s prophecies just as sure as the sun rises in the morning. It fills us with awe as we watch things prophesied 2,000 years ago coming together like pieces of one big divine puzzle.   In Matthew 24, […]

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Compares Jews to Nazis

“We must not be a victim of the victim,” he added, pushing the anti-Semitic sentiment that Jews are treating the Palestinians the way the Nazis treated them.   “I did not do anything bad to him. I just want to follow the law,” stated Abbas, whose Palestinian Authority pays the families of terrorists who kill […]