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Joe Biden’s disturbing connection to the socialist ‘Great Reset’ movement

A radical movement called the Great Reset embraced by some Democrats poses a grave threat to liberty and free markets in the United States and around the world. While former Vice President Joe Biden hasn’t endorsed the movement, his ties to it are growing as he changes his long-held policy views to appease the far-left. While it […]

‘The government ignores and the Palestinian Authority takes over’

The Palestinian Authority paved a new road in an illegal settlement in the heart of the Har Hevron Regional Council and all this took place under the watchful eye of the Netanyahu-Gantz government, and not for the first time. Yochai Damri, head of the Har Hevron Regional Council, is furious at the incompetence of the […]

John MacArthur’s Calif. Church Will Defy Newsom’s Church Ban: ‘Christ, not Caesar, Is Head of the Church’

Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, Calif., announced on Friday that it would continue to hold in-person services despite a new edict by Gov. Gavin Newsom shuttering churches, restaurants, bars, fitness centers, hair salons, and barbershops in dozens of counties “indefinitely.” “We cannot and will not acquiesce to a government-imposed moratorium on our weekly congregational […]

Netanyahu to Iran: IDF ‘Prepared to Respond to Any Threat’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu conveyed a harsh warning on Sunday to Iran and its Lebanon-based proxy Hezbollah. Speaking at the weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said: “Lebanon and Syria bear the responsibility for any attack against Israel emanating from their territories. We will not allow our security to be undermined; neither will we allow our citizens […]

‘US wants Israel to earmark land for future Palestinian state’

The United States wants Israel to earmark lands for the future Palestinian state, former US Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt told Army Radio Thursday. Washington seeks the move in exchange for giving a green light for Israel to apply sovereignty to about 30% of Judea and Samaria under the Middle East peace plan presented by […]

Trump says he is sending ‘hundreds’ of federal law enforcement officers to Chicago

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he would send federal law enforcement officers to Chicago to address the city’s recent increase in violence, his latest deployment of federal agents to Democratic-run cities that the president has claimed are out of control. “I am announcing that the Department of Justice will immediately surge federal law enforcement to […]

For Palestinian Police, Much to Lose if Israel Annexes West Bank Land

What wounded Maj. Zahi Jamhour most, he said, wasn’t that the Palestinians he had sworn to protect threw stones at him. It wasn’t even the bullet shot through his leg by an Israeli soldier — a mistake, he was told later — after his Palestinian police squad had risked their lives to rescue a Jew […]

Google Search Blacklists Major Conservative Websites in New Censorship Purge

Breitbart, the Daily Caller, Infowars, Human Events and Red State are all missing when a user searches directly for those websites on Some of the sites have small link from their Wikipedia bio on the right hand side, but are absent from main search results. Searches for direct headlines from the same outlets also return […]

Greenblatt: Israeli Sovereignty Only with Allocating Land for Palestinian State

“…under the peace plan that we released, that comes with a commitment to set aside a certain area of land for the eventual, potential Palestinian state,” said President Trump’s former envoy to the Middle East peace negotiations Jason Greenblatt in an interview with Israel’s Army radio. Greenblatt was one of the architects of the Trump […]

ACLU Sues Catholic Hospital for Not Performing Transgender Surgery

A transgender individual whose hysterectomy surgery was canceled by a Catholic hospital due to religious objections sued the medical institution last week, alleging discrimination and violations of constitutionally protected rights. Jesse Hammons, who was born female but identifies as male, was scheduled to undergo a hysterectomy in January. Yet one week prior to the surgery, […]