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A federal judge has ruled the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional. So now what happens?

On Friday, a federal judge fulfilled a wish conservatives have held for more than eight years by ruling the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, unconstitutional. U.S. District Court Judge Reed O’Connor agreed with a group of 20 states with Republican governors or legislatures that argued the constitutionality of the law’s individual mandate dissolved when Congress removed the tax penalty for the uninsured. In […]

Here is the number one issue Mark Levin says conservatives should be focusing on

The biggest news in recent days has been House Republicans successfully beginning the legislative process to repeal and replace Obamacare by passing the American Health Care Act last Thursday. But according to conservative firebrand and radio host Mark Levin, repealing and replacing Obamacare isn’t the number one issue for conservatives. In fact, Levin said Friday […]

Obamacare is ‘dead’ says Trump after healthcare victory

President Donald Trump has declared Obamacare “dead” after the Republican healthcare bill was narrowly passed by the lower chamber of Congress. The 217-213 vote marked his first legislative victory and goes some way to keeping a key campaign promise to roll back his predecessor’s law. Democrats say the American Health Care Act will leave millions […]

Krauthammer: People’s Expectations of Health Care Have Moved to Universal Coverage

The recent debate in Washington shows that Americans are taking a more liberal view of health care, and there’s probably no going back, conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson Thursday night: I think what conservatives and Republicans are beginning to understand is how the fundamental view of health care among the American people has changed. Obamacare is […]

Republican Obamacare replacement bill wins enough votes to pass House

After years of debate, the House on Thursday voted to repeal key parts of the Affordable Care Act and replace them with new provisions. The vote, which President Donald Trump was planning to tout as a big victory, sends the Republican-sponsored bill to gut Obamacare to the Senate for consideration. But winning approval for the […]

AHCA, Trumpcare, Obamacare replacement vote Thursday

The House of Representatives will vote on the American Health Care Act on Thursday. Republican House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told reporters he plans to bring the American Health Care Act to the floor of the House and is confident that the bill will pass. “Do we have the votes? Yes. Will we pass it? […]

Trump’s reputation as a dealmaker is on the line AHCA Obamacare replacement

The widespread opposition to the Republican Party’s American Health Care Act appeared to reach a tipping point on Thursday, with a delayed vote and policy huddles that stretched into the night on Capitol Hill. President Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s efforts achieve a consensus on an alternative to the Affordable Care Act has hit […]

Schumer puts GOP on notice over ObamaCare repeal

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) has made it crystal clear: If Republicans repeal ObamaCare without immediately implementing a plan to replace it, Democrats will not help them out of a pickle down the road. Senate Democratic sources familiar with Schumer’s thinking say he will not engage in any negotiations to pass a watered-down version […]

Networks Continue to Ignore Obamacare Collapse

Bill Clinton’s startling description of Obamacare earlier this month as a “crazy system” yanked the Big Three broadcast networks out of the blackout of bad news about the health care reform law — but only a little. According to a new study by the Media Research Center, which tracks left-wing bias in the news, the nightly news […]

With insurers pulling out of markets, some Obamacare users “really nervous”

Open enrollment for Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, begins today. Problems with the law mean consumers could face significant rate hikes in some parts of the country. There will also be fewer health plans to choose from.   Starting today, the administration will make a major enrollment push — but that may be a tough sell […]