Good Friday Goof

Timeline-of-Jesus-Burial Everyone knows Jesus was crucified on Friday before the sabbath day and that is why we celebrate good friday. Wait? Jesus didn't die on a Friday?!

FAQ: Why Is Becoming A Christian Before The End Time So Important?

Becoming a born again Christian before the end time secures a…

It’s The Endtime?!

Peace_Tower_Clock_view   You've heard of the movies and the books informing us about the end of time.  There was a popularized Aztec prophecy about the world ending in the year 2012 and as a result a movie was created titled "2012."  In the movie, the world basically begins to fall apart; volcanoes erupt, tidal waves rise above mountains, and tragedy fills the earth.  If you're reading this now, you know none of that stuff happened but you are probably still wondering why people keep saying the end is coming.  Why after all the false claims do people continue to warn about the last days?

Global Warming: Is the Phenomenon Real or a Hoax?

The global warming phenomenon, propagated by the United Nations…

Kill Them With Kindness

kindness   One of the most humbling experience of my life happened on a much unsuspected evening.  I was out on a date at an incredible barbecue restaurant in Ohio.  The waitress was hilarious and just down to earth, the food was unbelievable, and of course I was with my fiancé at the time.  When the bill came, I opened it to find a note.
seven trumpets

Revelation: The Seven Trumpets and When They Shall Sound

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The Coming Four Blood Moons

signs-of-the-4-blood-moons The Bible foretells of signs in the celestial bodies that would be of prophetic significance. One of these signs is that the moon will turn into blood. Many may think the moon literally turns into blood but in actuality, the moon turns blood red in color. A blood red moon can be seen during a total lunar eclipse and these eclipses can be predicted because of their continuous cycle. NASA has claimed that there will be four blood moons to come, with a solar eclipse occurring in the middle, between 2014 and 2015. Surely an occurrence like this would be tied to a great prophetic fulfillment.

Scary Lion! Not For Long

lion-tries-to-eat-a-baby   An absolute crazy amount of time is spent every day watching videos on YouTube. Sometimes you can't help but be captivated by the videos because some people capture the most bizarre occurrences.  I saw a video not too long ago of a toddler at the zoo.  The toddler was sitting against the glass of the lion exhibit and a lion is trying with all of its might to eat this baby!

Iron Man Not a Thing of the Future

iron_man_3   For years people have fantasized about the day when robots will not only be used in the world but rule the world.  We've probably all seen or at least heard of the movies that play on this idea.  Star Wars shows a futuristic time in a vast universe where robots work alongside of humans.  The former “governator” of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, played in the movie, Terminator, where robots attempted to take over the world.  Movies like iRobot and Eagle Eye show robots trying to out think humans and take control of the human race.  Lastly, the blockbuster hit, Iron Man, shows a man in a robot suit and even building other robots that work independently.  We see this stuff all the time but is it only for the big screen?

Is the Battle of Gog and Magog Different than the Battle of Armageddon?

Ezekiel 38 & 39 list specific nations that will come against Israel and many take this to be a war that will take place in the near future. It is commonly taught that Russia and Middle Eastern nations will make an attack on Israel but this is not the same as the Battle of Armageddon. However, the world government system the Antichrist will rule is comprised of the bear representing Russia in Revelation 13. These nations are not beyond the rule of the Antichrist, so this point alone does not seal the deal.

Are You Successful?

Animated-American-Money-Falling-Around-a-Man Success is something every individual seeks after and ironically, every individual likely has a different idea of what success is.  There are those who think being known worldwide is the ultimate success; living the life of a celebrity and having masses chase them just to be able to see them or just barely touch them.  Others view success through a monetary lens; feeling complete security in their mountain of riches knowing there is nothing materialistic that they cannot purchase.

The Real Armageddon

Picture-1   There are a lot of different terms you hear thrown around to refer to the end of the world.  You have likely heard the term "apocalypse" used in reference to this and it may have been associated with zombies or something absurd.  There is another term thrown around a lot that is completely blown out of proportion and it is the dreadful, Armageddon.