It’s The Endtime?!

By Anthony Vandagriff



You’ve heard of the movies and the books informing us about the end of time.  There was a popularized Aztec prophecy about the world ending in the year 2012 and as a result a movie was created titled “2012.”  In the movie, the world basically begins to fall apart; volcanoes erupt, tidal waves rise above mountains, and tragedy fills the earth.  If you’re reading this now, you know none of that stuff happened but you are probably still wondering why people keep saying the end is coming.  Why after all the false claims do people continue to warn about the last days?


Now there are people out there who claim the world is going to be destroyed and all things will die.  Some people think zombies will end humanity, while others think war, or natural disasters will bring all things to a close soon.  You want to know where these people get these crazy ideas?  So do I.  I can guarantee you the world will still be in existence one thousand years from now and so will humanity.  So why am I always talking about the end and the last days?  Why is the name of the ministry “Endtime” Youth?  Unfortunately these terms have been blown out of proportion and twisted to give people a false idea of what is being discussed.  The prophecies of the Bible do not point to the end of humanity and the world.  The prophecies of the Bible lead to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  Think back when Jesus was on the cross; moments before He died, Jesus said, “It is finished.”  That wasn’t about His life, it was about His mission.  When Jesus died, He abolished the strength of the Law.  Revelation 16 shows us moments before Jesus returns, a voice from the throne of heaven says, “It is done.”  The world isn’t done, but rather the reign of human government is done.  When Jesus returns, He sets up His kingdom on the earth for one thousand years.  Jesus is coming to rule the world in total peace to fulfill His original plan for humanity.  Humans will live under the authority of Jesus Christ and no longer under the rule of corrupted man.


The end time is not about the end of the world or the final hours of humanity.  According to the Bible, the end time and the last days refer to the end of human government.  When all of that is done, the world will enter the greatest years of existence.  The end times lead us to a time when there are no wars, when wolves lay down with lambs, and when people live under the peace of Jesus Christ.  Once you understand what the “end time” means, it’s actually not all that bad.

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