FAQ: Why Is Becoming A Christian Before The End Time So Important?

Becoming a born again Christian before the end time secures a future of eternal life with God after the Second Coming of Jesus Christ in an era of uncertainty.

There has never been a more critical time to turn to God than right now! As end time prophecies continue to come to pass, such as the recent Four Blood Moons, we cannot deny that we are living in the end time. With Easter and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ fresh on our minds, spring is an excellent season for reflecting on our purpose, growing spiritually and, if you haven’t already, becoming a Christian before the end time so that we may have eternal life with Jesus Christ.

Embracing Christianity

We live in a society that increasingly shuns the mere mention of God or Christianity, making it even more difficult to have faith in God, Jesus Christ, and the Christian belief system. But you need only allow God into your life to begin seeing how He works. Romans 10:17 tells us “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” The Christian faith is based upon the truths found in Scripture, through which God has communicated His will. The more you live your life according to the word of God, the more you will see His hand on you, guiding your path and creating victories you never before imagined were possible.

Why is Becoming a Christian Before the End Time Important?

If you wait for a clear sign to accept God, it may be too little too late. In John 3:7 we read, “Do not marvel that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’” We will not see the Kingdom of God unless we are born again in Christ, which means we must repent of our sins, embrace God in baptism, and give our lives to Him by receiving the Holy Ghost. This is the essence of becoming a Christian and we must not overlook the importance of being born again if we hope to enjoy eternal life at God’s side.

Turning to Prophecy

The books of Daniel and Revelation are essential to understanding how prophesied end time events will occur. The Bible has given us clear prophecies whose full meanings are made clear to us as we see them play out. In understanding the events of the end time, we can realize the importance of our purpose as Christians and be prepared for the ultimate test of our faith.


During the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the ultimate end time event that is prophesied in the Bible, those living for Jesus Christ and the faithful deceased will be caught up “in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord.” (1 Thessalonians 4:17) Through our belief in Him, we will be spared and given eternal life. What a comfort that knowledge is! No matter what may happen in our world during the end time, we have the glory and beauty of Heaven awaiting us, just by trusting the Christian faith, believing in God, and being born again.


Spring is a time of rebirth, beginning life anew, and looking forward to the changes of the season. It can also be your time of rebirth—your time to repent from your sins and embrace a new beginning with Jesus by your side. We know this is a big decision and we promise it is one that will change your life for the better, and for eternity. Contact Endtime Ministries if you would like guidance in becoming a Christian before the end time. Send us a prayer request today and start to see the power of God’s love begin working in your life.

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