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Isis could obtain nuclear weapon from Pakistan, warns India

India’s defence minister has voiced concern that the radical Islamist group Isis could obtain a nuclear weapon from “states like Pakistan”.   Rao Inderjit Singh made the comments on the sidelines of the Shangri-La regional security conference in Singapore, Bloomberg has reported.   “With the rise of Isis in West Asia, one is afraid to […]

John Cantlie claims ‘infinitely’ greater threat of nuclear attack on US

The chances of Islamic State jihadists smuggling a nuclear weapon to attack the United States have risen “infinitely”, John Cantlie, the British journalist the group is holding hostage, claims in a new article. Mr Cantlie’s article appears in the new edition of Dabiq, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s English-language online magazine. Mr Cantlie, […]

‘US heading for temporary solution to Iran nuclear threat’

Former US senator Joe Lieberman says negotiations with Iran are heading toward a very bad agreement. “The goal was to end the Iranian nuclear program in return for the end of economic sanctions… Now it looks like we’re heading toward the permanent end of economic sanctions and the temporary dialing back of Iran’s nuclear program.” […]

New nuclear threat? North Korea claims it has miniaturized warheads

North Korea claimed Wednesday that it has manufactured nuclear warheads small enough to fit on the head of a missile, an announcement that is likely to rachet up tensions in east Asia, particularly with South Korea.   According to Yonhap News, a spokesman for North Korea’s National Defense Commission said that the development of the […]

Iran, world powers struggle to overcome divisions in nuclear talks

Iran and world powers are struggling to overcome deep divisions on two core sticking points in talks on a possible nuclear deal: reimposing UN sanctions if the Iranians violate the agreement and how Tehran can buy atomic technology, envoys said. Negotiators were wrapping up nearly a week of talks in New York on Tuesday, the […]

Former US commander calls for nuclear missiles to be taken off high alert

A former commander of U.S. nuclear forces says taking U.S. and Russian missiles off high alert might keep a possible cyberattack from starting a nuclear war, although neither country appears willing to increase the lead-time to prepare the weapons for launch.   Retired Gen. James Cartwright said in an interview that “de-alerting” nuclear arsenals could […]

China warns on rising North Korea nuclear capability

Chinese nuclear experts have warned that North Korea may already have 20 nuclear warheads and the capability to produce enough weapons-grade uranium to double its arsenal by next year, The Wall Street Journal reported.   The Chinese estimates of Pyongyang’s nuclear production, relayed to U.S. nuclear specialists, exceed most previous U.S. forecasts, which range from […]

Talks begin on finalising Iran nuclear deal

Vienna (AFP) – Iran and major powers were due Wednesday to begin the difficult process of finalising by June 30 a historic deal putting an Iranian nuclear bomb out of reach, three weeks after agreeing the main outlines.   Following a negotiating marathon in Switzerland, Iran agreed on April 2 to what US President Barack […]

Senate Committee Approves Iran Bill

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday unanimously approved, 19 to 0, legislation granting Congress a voice in negotiations on the Iran nuclear accord, The New York Times reported.   The legislation will now go to the full Senate, after President Barack Obama earlier withdrew his opposition rather than face a bipartisan rebuke.   Republican opponents […]

IAEA inspectors arrive in Iran as Rouhani sets terms for nuclear deal

Iran wants sanctions that include nuclear-related United Nations resolutions as well as US and EU nuclear-related economic sanctions, to be lifted at once. The US says that sanctions against Iran would be removed gradually. In what was seen as a setback for Barack Obama, the US president agreed on Tuesday that Congress should have the […]