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Iran Nuclear Deal Critics ‘Disingenuous’

CIA director John Brennan gave a staunch defense of the framework nuclear deal with Iran on Tuesday, calling some criticism of the accord “disingenuous” and claiming Tehran had made considerable concessions.   In his first public remarks since the outline agreement was announced last week, the spy agency chief said the deal would impose a litany of restrictions on Iran’s nuclear work, reports AFP.   […]

Obama ‘Not Buying’ Israel’s Demand That Nuke Deal Include Right to Exist

The networks on Monday night and Tuesday morning minimized Barack Obama’s casual dismissal of the idea that any nuclear deal with Iran include an acknowledgment of Israel’s right to exist. On Good Morning America, Amy Robach quickly touted the President’s rejection: “[Obama] is not buying Israel’s latest demand concerning the nuclear deal with Iran. Prime Minister […]

Hezbollah says Iran nuclear agreement ‘rules out specter of regional war’

The leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah said on Monday that a framework nuclear agreement that Iran reached with world powers last week rules out the specter of regional war.   “There is no doubt that the Iranian nuclear deal will be big and important to the region,” Hassan Nasrallah said in an interview with Syria’s al-Ikhbariya […]

Iran sanctions can be reimposed if Tehran violates nuclear deal

US President Barack Obama said in an interview released on Tuesday he is confident sanctions against Iran could be reimposed if Tehran violates an agreement to restrict its nuclear program.   Obama told National Public Radio (NPR) that US and European negotiators are trying to reach a deal with Iran in which sanctions could be […]

Obama says Iran could cut nuke time to near zero in 13 years

Defending an emerging nuclear deal, President Barack Obama said Iran would be kept a year away from obtaining a nuclear weapon for more than a decade, but conceded Tuesday that the buffer period could shrink to almost nothing after 13 or more years.   Obama, whose top priority at the moment is to sell the […]

Still time to reach better nuclear deal with Iran

Netanyahu, in the first of several appearances on US Sunday news programs, said he has spoken with both Democrats and Republicans in Congress – nearly two thirds of House of Representatives members and a similar number in the US Senate – about the Iran nuclear issue. The prime minister has been strongly critical of the […]

Outline of Iran Nuclear Deal Sounds Different From Each Side

Negotiators at the nuclear talks in Switzerland emerged from marathon talks on Thursday with a surprisingly detailed outline of the agreement they now must work to finalize by the end of June.   But one problem is that there are two versions.   The only joint document issued publicly was a statement from Mohammad Javad […]

US hails ‘historic’ nuclear framework deal with Iran

World powers will terminate all sanctions on Iran in exchange for its commitment to cap and roll back its nuclear program, officials announced on Thursday after two years of negotiations.   Hailed as a breakthrough by the United States, by the European Union and by Iran itself, Israel quickly criticized key tenets of the deal. […]

Iran Brags About Nuke Concessions

Iran and world powers on Thursday announced that following the latest round of nuclear negotiations, Western powers agreed to permit Iran to continue operating the core aspects of its nuclear program and that all sanctions of the Islamic Republic would be terminated.   After failing to meet a March 31 deadline for the announcement of […]

Iran Accuses U.S. of Lying About New Nuke Agreement

Just hours after the announcement of what the United States characterized as a historic agreement with Iran over its nuclear program, the country’s leading negotiator lashed out at the Obama administration for lying about the details of a tentative framework.   Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif accused the Obama administration of misleading the American people […]