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Iran and West Disagree on All Main Elements

Iran and six powers are still apart on all main elements of a nuclear deal and will likely have to extend their negotiations beyond the June 30 deadline, two diplomats told The Associated Press (AP) on Wednesday.   Negotiators have been meeting five days a week in Vienna over the past few weeks. The two […]

New Iranian Bill Could Undermine Nuclear Deal

Iranian lawmakers have unveiled proposed legislation that a top official said would “protect the nation’s nuclear interests” but which could become an obstacle in negotiations for a deal, AFP reported Wednesday.   The bill, sponsored by the chairman of parliament’s national security and foreign policy committee, was signed by 225 of the country’s 290 MPs […]

John Kerry on Iran’s nuclear disclosure

The International Atomic Energy Agency submitted 12 queries to Iran about its weaponization work in 2011. Tehran had only responded to one of them as of February 2013, and the IAEA’s leadership has acknowledged that it doesn’t think Iran will come clean before the June 30 deadline.   That makes some sense from Iran’s perspective, […]

Nato calls Russia’s plan to boost its nuclear arsenal ‘sabre-rattling’

Nato has accused the Russian government of “sabre-rattling” after President Vladmir Putin announced plans to add more than 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) to its nuclear arsenal in 2015.   Mr Putin said the missiles will be able to “overcome even the most technically advanced anti-missile defence systems”, and that 70 per cent of […]

Kremlin officials say Russian nuclear buildup is forced by West

Russia’s addition of 40 long-range missiles to its nuclear arsenal this year doesn’t signal a new arms race or a threat to any country, Kremlin officials insisted Wednesday.   The expansion, part of a decade-long $500-billion modernization of Russian defense forces and weapons, has been forced on Moscow by aggressive moves by the North Atlantic […]

Iran’s war on Christians casts doubt on nuclear agreement

After his campaign promises in 2013 to guarantee the rights of religious minorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the country’s self-declared moderate President Hassan Rouhani has remained silent about the ongoing crackdown on Christians. Rouhani’s indifference to imprisoned Christians is a form of complicity in human rights violations and a window into a flawed […]

Israel accuses world powers of yielding to Iran for nuclear deal

Netanyahu’s point-man on the Iranian talks, Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz, said it appeared that world powers were prepared to accommodate Tehran’s resistance to expanded, short-order UN nuclear inspections and demand to continue research and development of uranium centrifuges that make nuclear fuel. On Saturday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said his country, in the name of […]

Nuke Deal Could Result in Iran Joining Eurasian Security Bloc Led by Russia and China

Apart from other benefits Iran may accrue as a result of an international agreement on its nuclear program, Russia on Thursday held out another, long sought-after reward – membership in a growing Eurasian security bloc, which some observers view as a means to counterbalance the West and NATO.   After hosting a meeting in Moscow […]

No Military Answer to Iran’s Nuclear Program

U.S. President Barack Obama says diplomacy, not military action, is the only way to stop Iran from building a nuclear bomb.   Obama made his comments in an interview with Israel’s Channel 2 television, parts of which were broadcast Monday.   “I can, I think, demonstrate, not based on any hope but on facts and […]

Six powers agree on UN sanctions ‘snapback’ in push for Iran deal, sources say

Six world powers have agreed on a way to restore UN sanctions on Iran if the country breaks the terms of a future nuclear deal, clearing a major obstacle to an accord ahead of a June 30 deadline, Western officials told Reuters.   The new understanding on a UN sanctions “snapback” among the six powers […]