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Pentagon chief says Iran nuclear deal does not ‘prevent military option’

“We are preserving and continually improving” such a military option should Iran violate the terms of the agreement, Carter said as he kicked off a trip to Israel, Saudi Arabia and Jordan to renew US security commitments in the region.   Israel has been strongly critical of the agreement struck this week between its arch-foe […]

Nuclear deal will not change Iran’s relations with U.S.: supreme leader

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Saturday the nuclear deal with world powers did not signal any wider shift in Iran’s relationship with Washington or its policies in the Middle East.   The agreement struck this week was met with celebrations in the streets of Tehran as many Iranians anticipated it would allow […]

7 Devastating Facts About Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal

Here, then, are seven facts about Obama’s proposed Iran nuclear deal Americans should know:   1. U.S. Nuclear Inspectors Are Banned From Inspecting Iran’s Nuclear Sites   Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice admitted to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday that “no Americans will be part of the IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency] inspection teams.” […]

Poll: 47 percent of Israelis back Iran strike following nuke deal

Almost half of Israelis would support a unilateral strike to prevent Iran obtaining the atomic bomb, an opinion poll carried out after Tuesday’s nuclear deal between Tehran and major powers found.   Nearly three-quarters of respondents in the poll published by the Maariv newspaper on Friday said they thought the agreement would accelerate Iran’s development […]

Why Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Is Happy

The nuclear deal was a victory for voices of diplomacy in Iran. It was also a victory for Iran’s powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). The IRGC was never outwardly bullish on a deal, but the criticism of its top commanders (with some exceptions) was held to a low murmur. Some pundits will point to […]

Obama: Iran Nuke Deal Makes Our Country, World Safer

President Barack Obama fiercely defended the historic nuclear deal with Iran as he faced White House reporters Wednesday at a press conference.   “The bottom line is this. This nuclear deal meets the national security interest of the United States and our allies,” the president said. “It prevents the most serious threat, Iran obtaining a […]

In Arab world, worries that deal will boost Iran’s power

The nuclear deal with Iran was met with a profound wariness in the Arab world, where concerns are widespread that the easing of its international isolation could tip the already bloody contest for power in the region toward Shiite-led Tehran. Arab countries have deep fears of Iran gaining a nuclear weapon, and some have been […]

Nuclear Deal Silent on Iran’s Parchin Military Plant, Bushehr

The Iranian nuclear deal reached in Vienna contains no reference to the Parchin military facility where most of Iran’s past nuclear arms-related work was carried out.   Additionally, the draft agreement made public on Tuesday contains no stated limits on Iran’s Russian-made Bushehr nuclear power facility that analysts say could produce plutonium for dozens of […]

Report: After Iran, State Department Willing to Re-Engage North Korea

“Progress in the nuclear talks with Iran clearly demonstrates our willingness to engage countries with whom the United States has long-standing differences,” and that includes the tyrannical regime in North Korea, State Department spokesman John Kirby said Tuesday, according to a report from South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency.   Kirby said the U.S. was willing […]

Rouhani Gloats: We Achieved All Our Goals in Deal

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani gleefully received the nuclear deal his negotiators sealed with world powers on Tuesday, glowing about how his regime had achieved all of its goals in the negotiations.   Rouhani stated that at the start of the talks, the two major goals of Iran were to remove all sanctions and keep its entire […]