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Benjamin Netanyahu to bring case against Iran deal to N. American Jews in live webcast event

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has repeatedly spoken out against the Iran nuclear deal, will state his case once again next week in a live webcast targeting Jewish institutions across North America.   Netanyahu will deliver remarks and answer questions from participants in an event described by organizers as a live virtual experience that will […]

The Obama-Netanyahu showdown

US President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will go head to head this week as they try to win over the American public and its congressional supporters to their positions on the Iran nuclear deal.   “Netanyahu and Obama seem as though they’re fighting a life-and-death battle and are ready to do […]

Iran official urges quick approval of nuclear deal

Iran’s deputy foreign minister Saturday urged a speedy approval in Tehran of a nuclear deal, so that blame for any failure falls on US lawmakers who may yet vote against it.   Abbas Araghchi’s comments come as US Secretary of State John Kerry and members of his nuclear negotiating team are being grilled in Congress […]

Strategy emerges to reimpose US nuclear sanctions on Iran under a different name

US congressional leaders are considering legislation that would renew the Iran Sanctions Act over a year before it is set to expire, as well as new sanctions targeting Iran’s terrorism-related activities that would re-list several entities relieved of sanctions under this month’s nuclear deal.   The intended effect of the new approach to sanctions would […]

We Don’t Have ‘Access’ to the ‘Actual Agreement’ on Iran Side Deals

POE: “The secret deal — Secretary Rice said that she has seen this deal with the IAEA and she’s going to share it with Congress. So if she’s seen it, have you seen it?”   KERRY: I don’t believe that the — Susan Rice, the national security adviser, has seen it. I think –”   […]

Iran, France talk of ‘new era’ in ties after nuclear deal

France sought Wednesday to relaunch diplomatic ties with Iran in the hope of boosting business in the country, following a key nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers reached earlier this month.   French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius called his one-day visit to Iran “an important trip” and tried to soften tensions created by France’s […]

North Korea Rules Out Nuclear Deal, Says Weapons ‘Not a Plaything’

North Korea would never enter Iran-style talks over ending its nuclear weapons program, its ambassador to China said Tuesday, declaring its arsenal “not a plaything” to be haggled over.   In a rare press conference at the country’s embassy in Beijing, Ji Jae Ryong told reporters: “We are not interested at all in dialogue to […]

Pentagon Chief Now ‘Concerned’ Iran Might Not Obey Nuclear Agreement

He added, “We will keep the military option, which was the alternative to a deal.”   The nuclear accord “doesn’t solve all problems over in this part of the world, and it doesn’t solve all problems emanating from Iran. …It’s an agreement that places important limitations upon Iran, places no limits on us, and it […]

Emotions go nuclear during Senate hearing on Iran deal

But things percolated to almost a House-like boil Thursday during the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s hearing into the nuclear deal with Iran forged by the Obama administration and five world powers.   Lofty rhetoric gave way to terms like “fleeced” and “bamboozled” to describe what Secretary of State John Kerry got from negotiations with the […]

Iran Vows to Buy Weapons Anytime, Anywhere

A senior Iranian official who led the negotiations with world powers that led to the recent nuclear deal said that the Islamic Republic will continue to import and export arms freely across the globe without restriction, according to recent comments flagged by the CIA’s Open Source Center.   Abbas Araghchi, Iran’s deputy foreign minister, said […]