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Boehner vows fight to scuttle Iran nuclear deal

The White House has launched an aggressive campaign in recent days, trying to sway wavering Democrats while publicly ripping Republicans for opposing the deal.   In an appearance on “The Daily Show” Tuesday, Obama portrayed the controversial deal as the best compromise the government could achieve. In a jab at the George W. Bush administration, […]

Iran’s Leader Threatens Israel in Video of Missile Launches

The imagery in the clip is significant. It comes as Iran insists the nuclear agreement has no impact on their ability to produce ballistic missiles. Fars News reported Iran’s Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, said of the deal Tuesday, “Within this framework, Iran’s military capabilities, including its ballistic missiles, are exclusively for legitimate defense; these equipment […]

US defense chief: We will do all we can to help Israel defend itself

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter met with his Israeli counterpart on Monday, marking the first visit by a US cabinet official to Israel since last week’s landmark agreement to curb Iran’s nuclear program.   Carter met with Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon in Tel Aviv and is slated to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu […]


The U.N. Security Council on Monday unanimously endorsed the landmark deal to rein in Iran’s nuclear program and authorized measures leading to the end of U.N. sanctions, but also approved a provision that would automatically reinstate the harsh measures if Tehran reneges on its promises.   European Union foreign ministers meeting in Brussels immediately followed […]

Iran Parliament Wants to Revise Nuclear Deal

On Saturday, the Fars News Agency reported that the Majlis threatened to reject the agreement’s provision on ballistic missiles, which call for an international embargo on missile technology to be extended for eight years–a significant, last-minute concession by the U.S.   Iran wants unrestricted ballsitic missile development and access to conventional arms dealers abroad.   […]

Zarif answers Iranian critics: Nuclear deal preserves our red lines

Iran’s foreign minister defended the nuclear deal he reached with world powers after criticism from hardliners, telling the conservative-dominated parliament on Tuesday that most if not all of the country’s conditions had been respected.   “We don’t say the deal is totally in favor of Iran. Any negotiation is a give and take. We have […]

Senior defense source: IDF preparing for possible covert Iranian nuclear production

The IDF must assume its most severe “reference scenarios” regarding Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, and Islamic State will come true, in order to correctly use the coming years to reshape the military, improve training, and make cost-cutting reforms, a senior military official said as he revealed a multi-year plan aimed at doing just that.   Military […]

North Korea says no to Iran-style deal: We won’t give up our nukes

North Korea is not interested in an Iran-like dialogue with the United States to give up its nuclear capabilities, the isolated country’s foreign ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.   “It is not logical to compare our situation with the Iranian nuclear agreement because we are always subjected to provocative US military hostilities, including […]

Europe backs Iran nuclear deal in signal to US Congress

The European Union approved the Iran nuclear deal with world powers on Monday, a first step towards lifting Europes economic sanctions against Tehran that the bloc hopes will send a signal that the US Congress will follow.In a message mainly aimed at sceptical voices in the US Congress and strong resistance from Israel, EU foreign […]

Yemen crisis: With the Iran nuclear deal done, John Kerry must now sort out the Saudis

Prince Mohamed bin Salman’s “Operation Decisive Storm” doesn’t look very decisive today. Three months after the Saudi defence minister unleashed his American-made bombers against Iran’s Shia friends in Yemen, the best his own allies in the country can do is tramp on to the apron of Aden’s wrecked airport and proclaim a little victory. With […]