Erdogan accuses allies of leaving Turkey alone in fight against Isis

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused allies fighting the Islamic State (Isis) in Syria for not extending their support to his country, leaving them to combat the jihadists on their own. Speaking at a short film competition, Erdogan said: “They have left us alone in our struggle against this organisation [Isis] which is shedding […]

U.S. official: ISIS cells in UK, Germany, Italy

America’s top intelligence official, James Clapper, said Monday that ISIS has clandestine cells in the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy, comments that come as President Barack Obama concludes an overseas visit where he asked Europe to contribute more to the fight against ISIS.   When asked by a reporter if ISIS had British, German and […]

Sweden faces a massive ISIS terror attack

Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists have infiltrated Sweden and are planning an imminent attack on the capital city of Stockholm, according to intelligence received by the Scandinavian nation.   Security services in Sweden are investigating undisclosed information about the ISIS attack, local media reported Tuesday as cited by Reuters on Wednesday.   Swedish security police (SAPO) were tipped off […]

ISIS Spreading in Europe, U.S. Intelligence Chief Warns

The Islamic State is operating clandestine terrorist cells in Britain, Germany and Italy, similar to the groups that carried out the attacks in Paris and Brussels, the top-ranking American intelligence official said on Monday.   When asked if the Islamic State was engaging in secret activities in those nations, the official, James R. Clapper Jr., […]

Temple of Baal Replicas Canceled, Replaced by 3D-prints of Arch of Triumph

Shrine of Baal Shamin in Palmyra, Syria By Rick Brinegar   One of the region’s greatest cultural artifacts, the 2,000-year-old Shrine of Baal Shamin in Palmyra, Syria, was largely destroyed after ISIS extremists ravaged the city in May, 2015. To “preserve history,” and as a gesture of defiance, it was originally planned that fifty-foot replicas […]

NATO security chiefs warn of ISIS plan for nuclear attack on Europe

Islamic State terrorists are plotting to carry out biological and nuclear attacks on Europe, warned NATO security experts on Wednesday, according to reports by the Telegraph.   NATO security chiefs told participants of the Security and Counter Terror Conference in London that there is a ‘justified concern’ that Islamic State militants are actively working to […]

U.S. sends weapon to hit ISIS communications

The United States has deployed tactical aircraft capable of attacking ISIS’s ability to communicate closer to the front lines of the battle against the terrorist group.   The U.S. European Command announced a squadron of Marine Corps EA-6B Prowler aircraft has been sent to Incirlik Air Base in Turkey to support operations against ISIS. In […]

Obama warns US effort in Syria and Iraq has caused Isis recruits to head to Libya | World news | The Guardian

Efforts to stem the flow of Islamic State recruits into Syria and Iraq have been met by an increase in foreign extremists heading to Libya instead, Barack Obama has warned.   Just days after describing the failure to prevent extremists filling a power vacuum in Libya as the “worst mistake” of his presidency, Obama’s remarks […]

Isis destroys gates to ancient city of Nineveh near Mosul

Isis has destroyed a 2,000-year-old ancient structure near the Iraqi city of Mosul.   The Mashqi Gate, also known as the Gate of God, was one of a number of grand gates which guarded the ancient Assyrian city of Nineveh.   Referenced in the Bible, Nineveh dates to the 7th century BC and was once the largest city […]

Syria war: IS group killed 21 Christians in al-Qaryatain, says patriarch

Reports are emerging of the killing of Syrian Christians by Islamic State militants in the town of al-Qaryatain. The town was retaken by Russian-backed Syrian forces and their allies earlier in the week. Some 21 Christians were murdered when almost 300 Christians remained in the city after IS captured it last August, said the head […]