Brussels Terror Attacks Underscore Insanity of EU Migration Policy

Many important details of the deadly terrorist attacks on airport and metro facilities in Brussels, Belgium, this morning are still unknown, but official reports are listing at least 34 dead, and more likely to die among the scores seriously injured. The terrorist group Islamic State (also referred to as ISIS or ISIL) has reportedly claimed credit for the three coordinated bombings, two of which exploded at the Brussels Airport during the 8:00 a.m. rush hour, and the third which detonated about an hour later at the Maelbeek Metro Station near the European Union institutions in the heart of Brussels.


The bombings came just four days after the arrest in Brussels, on March 18, of Salah Abdeslam, who often has been dubbed the ISIS “mastermind” of the deadly Paris terrorist attacks of November 2015.


As has become all too routine, EU leaders and other national leaders around the world condemned the attacks and expressed their sympathy for, and solidarity with, the Belgian people. The pro-EU forces also were swift to condemn any figure who pointed out that the rising wave of terrorism has been facilitated by the EU’s migration/refugee policies that have brought a huge Muslim tsunami into Europe, including among that tidal wave many militants of ISIS and other terrorist organizations.


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