Iraqi Forces in Fallujah Repel ISIS Attack in City’s South

(CAMP TARIQ, Iraq) —Iraqi forces battling their way into Fallujah repelled a four-hour attack by the Islamic State group in the city’s south on Tuesday, a day after first moving into the southern edges of the militant-held city with the help of U.S.-led coalition airstrikes.   Also Tuesday, a leading aid group raised alarm over […]

Isis using ‘civilians as human shields’ in Raqqa as US-backed Kurdish offensive launched

Islamic State (Isis) militants will use “human shields” to defend their de-facto capital Raqqa as a US-backed force of Kurds and Arab fighters begin an offensive on the city, say activists. On 24 May the 30,000-strong Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) began approaching the city from the countryside to the north.   The aim is to […]

ISIS seeks to destroy Israel, ‘liberate’ Jerusalem with Sinai Peninsula terrorist force

With a media blitz, the Islamic State has set its sights on Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula as the next shot at expanding its empire and establishing a base from which to attack neighboring Israel.   The terrorist group’s propaganda units have gone into high gear for recruitment this month to build a force in Sinai large […]

Iran’s Soleimani leads US-backed attack on Fallujah

For months, US President Barack Obama and the Pentagon opposed the participation by pro-Iranian militias in the war against ISIS in Iraq. The main objection were to the Popular Mobilization Army commanded by Iranian Gen. Abu Mahdi al Muhandis who has been named as a “specially designated global terrorist” by Washington. The US was also […]

Pope shocker: Promotes socialism, likens Jesus to ISIS

Pope Francis, in an interview with the French newspaper La Croix, suggested a likeness between ISIS and Jesus by explaining that while “the idea of conquest is inherent in the soul of Islam,” it was quite possible to interpret certain passages of the Gospels, particularly in Matthews, as a call for Christians to go forth […]

ISIS threatens global war with Israel

Islamic State threatens Israel in an article in its weekly newsletter this week, saying that unlike Hamas, the “war on Israel will not be limited by geographical boundaries or by international norms.”   According to the article in the Al-Naba newsletter identified by the Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor of MEMRI (the Middle East Media […]

ISIS bomb attack kills dozens at Iraq markets around Baghdad targeting Shiites

A wave of bombings struck outdoor markets and a restaurant in Shiite-dominated neighborhoods of Baghdad on Tuesday, killing at least 69 people, officials said – the latest in deadly militant attacks far from the front lines in the country’s north and west where Iraqi forces are battling the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). […]

ISIS blows up Syria gas field

Powerful blasts rocked a key gas field in central Syria on Monday, with a monitor saying they were caused by the Islamic State (ISIS) group blowing up pumping stations.   The Shaer gas field — one of the biggest in the central province of Homs — has been the site of fierce fighting between ISIS […]

ISIS planning to attack Israel from Sinai

The Israeli military is concerned that the Islamic State group is planning a large-scale attack against Israel from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, Germany’s Bild newspaper reported on Sunday, citing an IDF officer.   Sinai has become an Islamic State stronghold in recent years. According to the Bild report, there could be hundreds of Islamic State operatives […]

ISIS to Israel: “We’re coming very soon”

The last 48 hours (May 7-8) have seen a major escalation of the ISIS threats against Israel, DEBKAfile’s intelligence and counterterrorism sources report. In a coordinated maneuver by all of the ISIS commands in the Middle East, the terrorist organization simultaneously released at least 10 videos that it said showed ISIS forces on their way […]