Netanyahu links Brussels violence to ‘daily attacks in Israel’

Tuesday morning’s deadly terrorist attacks in Belgium are part of the same string of violence that has touched California, Turkey and Israel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday.


“The chain of attacks from Paris to San Bernardino to Istanbul to the Ivory Coast and now to Brussels, and the daily attacks in Israel — this is one continuous assault on all of us,” Netanyahu told American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s (AIPAC) annual policy conference via video feed.


“In all these cases, the terrorists have no resolvable grievances,” Netanyhau told the pro-Israel lobbying organization. “It’s not as through we could offer them Brussels or Istanbul or California or even the West Bank. That won’t satisfy their grievances, because what they seek is our utter destruction and their total domination.
“Their basic demand is that we should simply disappear. Well my friends, that’s not going to happen.”


Netanyahu’s comments came hours after a series of blasts in Brussels killed at least 34 people and injured more than 100. The explosions at an airport terminal and a subway stop steps from the European Commission’s headquarters rocked Belgium’s capital and served as a dark reminder that public spaces even deep within the heart of Europe are vulnerable to violent attacks.


No organization has yet to take credit for the Tuesday bombings in Brussels, but the attacks came days after the arrest of Salah Abdeslam, a suspect in last year’s deadly massacre in Paris, for which the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has taken credit.


“The only way to defeat these terrorists is to join together and fight them together,” Netanyahu said on Tuesday morning. “That’s how we’ll defeat terrorism: with political unity and with moral clarity. I think we have that in abundance.”


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