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EU puts pen to paper, signs unity pledge on 60th anniversary

With Britain poised to start divorce proceedings, the 27 remaining European Union nations put pen to paper Saturday in Rome to renew their vows for continued unity in the face of crises that are increasingly testing the bonds between members. The EU nations marked the 60th anniversary of their founding treaty as a turning point […]

Creaking at 60: The future of the European Union

THE EUROPEAN PROJECT has sometimes given the impression of being in perpetual crisis. Indeed, its spiritual father, Jean Monnet, saw this as the best way to advance to his preferred goal of “ever closer union”, arguing that “Europe will be forged in crises, and will be the sum of the solutions adopted for those crises.” […]

Pope Francis says the EU ‘risks dying’

The European Union ‘risks dying’ without a new vision, Pope Francis has warned. The pontiff was speaking in Rome at an EU summit to highlight the 60th anniversary of the bloc’s foundation. In an address to European leaders on Friday, the Pope said the EU faced a “vacuum of values” and was losing its “sense […]

Pope Francis Tells EU Leaders: Populism Is ‘Egotism’

Solidarity is “the most effective antidote to modern forms of populism,” Pope Francis told European Union leaders Friday, in a politically charged speech denouncing nationalism as a modern form of selfishness. In his address to more than 20 European heads of state assembled in Rome for the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the signing […]

Erdogan: Soon Europeans ‘Will Not Walk Safely on Their Streets’

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has warned the European Union (EU) that if the diplomatic spat between Turkey and several European countries continues, Europeans won’t be able to walk their own streets safely. President Erdoğan made the comments Wednesday in what is another increase of tensions between Turkey and the EU that began when Germany and […]

Defense Minister warns of EU diplomatic ‘assault’ against Israel by end of the year

The European Union is planning a diplomatic “assault” against Israel by the end of the year once a number of major leadership elections on that continent are over, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said on Tuesday night. “After this long election period — I understand from talks with friends in Europe and Brussels — we can […]

60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome

On 25 March 2017, Heads of State or Government and the Presidents of the EU Institutions will come together in Rome to mark the 60th anniversary of the signature of the Treaties of Rome, which laid the foundations for the European Union we know today. The Rome Summit is hosted by the Italian authorities, and […]

China pledges continued support for European integration

“The EU was the first regional cooperation mechanism established after the end of the World War II, and it’s also the one that has developed the fastest,” Wang added at a press conference on the sidelines of the ongoing annual session of the National People’s Congress in Beijing. “Contrary to conventional wisdom, we believe the […]

Foreign policy chief presses EU integration in Albania

The European Union’s foreign policy chief on Friday told Albania’s opposition that its boycott of Parliament was hampering the country’s ability to integrate with the bloc and therefore join the EU. Federica Mogherini met with senior Albanian officials and political leaders to remind them that reforming the justice system and holding free elections were two […]

European Parliament Votes to Censor Politically Incorrect Speech

Worried by the rise of nationalist parties that threaten the very existence of the European Union (EU), the European Parliament (EP) has quietly amended its internal rules to enable the silencing of “racist” speech within its hallowed halls. The rule change, which passed in December, allows the president of the EP to “interrupt the live […]