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EU privacy watchdogs say Windows 10 settings still raise concerns

European Union data protection watchdogs said on Monday they were still concerned about the privacy settings of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system despite the U.S. company announcing changes to the installation process. The watchdogs, a group made up of the EU’s 28 authorities responsible for enforcing data protection law, wrote to Microsoft last year expressing […]

Scotland cannot stay in EU ‘under any circumstances’, Scottish Secretary says

There is “no set of circumstances” in which Scotland could stay in the European Union as the rest of the UK completes Brexit, the Scottish Secretary will say. David Mundell will tell Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) that there should be no “easy assumptions” about how long it would take an independent Scotland to […]

EU Globalists Resent Israel’s Nationalism

Typical of the European Union (EU) practice, condemning Israel takes precedence over major developments elsewhere, including Iran’s dangerous testing of ballistic missiles that can carry nuclear warheads. The latest episode eliciting EU condemnation was Israel’s “regularization law.”  Israel’s satellite TV, I-24 reported on February 7, 2017 that, “The European Union condemns the recent adoption of […]

Illinois governor warns EU against boycotting Israel

The governor of the State of Illinois warned the European Union against imposing any penalties on the State of Israel, including Judea and Samaria. The State of Illinois warned the European Union (EU) against having a role in boycotting Israel in an any way, including with regards to Judea and Samaria. The state is prepared […]

EU Steps Up The Pace For Cashless Society In 2017/18

On the 23rd January 2017 the EU Commission issued the “Commission Initiative Roadmap” for 2018 regarding the step up fight against the financing of terrorism, also known as its ‘Payments Restriction Initiative’ or as we are reading more often, the cashless society. This document is an extension of  the communication document dated February 2016 (COM-2016/50) […]

Timothy Garton Ash wins the Charlemagne Prize

Timothy Garton Ash has been named as the recipient of the prestigious Charlemagne Prize for 2017. Awarded from the town of Aachen, North-Western Germany, the prize has recognised special contributions to European unity since 1950. The prize organizers described Professor Garton Ash as “an extraordinary British academic, who has commented on and accompanied the journey […]

Britain’s Theresa May in U.S.: Islam is Peaceful, Globalism Good, Climate Change a Priority

British Prime Minister Theresa May used her speech in Philadelphia to needle the new Trump administration on a number of issues ranging from globalism to climate change, Islam, and even to defending the European Union. Mrs. May began her speech at the Republican Retreat in Philadelphia with a brief history of Anglo-American relations, invoking the spirit […]

European Anti-Globalists Join Forces to Take Back Countries

Emboldened by the British “Brexit” vote to leave the European Union and President Donald Trump’s historic victory over the globalist establishment, European political leaders opposed to globalism and the establishment met in Koblenz, Germany, over the weekend to cement their alliance and plan for potential victories in the months ahead. The gathering, organized by the […]


Biblical Fulfillments of Prophecy in 2016 Gay Agenda 2016 Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. Even thus […]

EU Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt: Brexit is an opportunity to pull Europe closer together

The European Union Parliament’s chief Brexit negotiator on Monday said Britain’s decision to make a clean break from the EU was an opportunity to reform Europe and avoid a further breakdown in ties between its remaining member states. Former Belgian Prime Minister and member of the European Parliament Guy Verhofstadt also said the election of […]