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EU Parliament Declares Abortion and Gay Marriage “Human Rights”

The European Parliament last week declared gay “marriage” and abortion to be fundamental human rights.   These designations were approved on March 12 as part of the “Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy” the group signed off on.   The parliament is infamous for espousing strongly “progressive” positions and pushing those extreme policies down […]

EU congratulates Benjamin Netanyahu, hopes for relaunch of peace process

EU Foreign Policy chief Federica Mogherini on Wednesday congratulated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his reelection, saying the EU was committed to working with the new Israeli government “on a mutually beneficial relationship as well as on the relaunch of the peace process.”   Mogherini said in a statement that “we are at a crucial […]

EU Names New Middle East Special Envoy

European Union foreign ministers named Fernando Gentilini as new special representative for the Middle East on Monday, AFP reported, filling a post vacant since early 2014 in the hope of getting the stalled peace process “back on track,” officials said.   Gentilini – an Italian, as is EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini – currently heads the EU’s Western Balkans and Turkey division and his appointment will […]

Ban says UN-EU strategic partnership key as world faces multiple crises

The development of a strong partnership between the United Nations and the European Union (EU) is increasingly critical as global crises intensify in complexity and multiply in scope, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declared today.   In remarks delivered to the Security Council on cooperation between the UN and the EU, Mr. Ban told delegates that the […]

Economic catastrophe awaits if Jews leave Europe, Jewish leader warns

Europe is on the verge of a serious economic crisis if the European Union does not introduce new legislation to counter anti-Semitism, according to the president of the European Jewish Congress.   Moshe Kantor said every Jewish family on the continent is contemplating whether they should “leave or stay” as they fear the levels of […]

EU warns Russia over Ukraine agreement

Russia will face fresh sanctions from the EU if a deal to end the Ukraine war is not fully implemented, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned.   She said EU leaders had asked officials to prepare further sanctions in case an agreed ceasefire was not respected.   The leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France […]

US and Iran moving closer to nuclear deal, EU diplomats tell Israeli officials

European diplomats have told Israeli officials in recent days that the United States and Iran are moving closer to an agreement that would allow the Islamic Republic to keep a large number of centrifuges in return for guaranteeing regional stability, Army Radio is reporting on Tuesday.   According to EU officials, US Secretary of State […]

EU calls for halt to attacks against Israel’s northern border

The European Union called on Hezbollah and any other group to stop attacking Israel along its northern border warning that such violence threatened to break the 2006 cease-fire with Israel.   “The threats to Israel on its Northern border must stop,” the EU’s foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said on Wednesday.   She spoke after […]

EU weighs more sanctions on Russia

EU leaders have asked their foreign ministers to consider imposing further sanctions on Russia in response to the continued fighting in Ukraine.   A statement said the ministers, who will meet on Thursday, should “consider any appropriate action, in particular on further restrictive measures”.   It urged Russia to observe last September’s Minsk ceasefire deal, […]

Quartet to Meet to Discuss Israel-PA Peace

Envoys from the United States, the European Union, the United Nations and Russia will meet later this month to discuss the next steps to address the Israeli-Palestinian Arab crisis, officials said Thursday, according to AFP. The gathering of the group, known as the Middle East diplomatic quartet, will take place January 26 in Brussels to […]