World War 3 warning: Reckless Russia could ‘inadvertently’ spark conflict says top general

VLADIMIR PUTIN’S “reckless behaviour and lack of respect for international law” could “inadvertently” spark World War 3, Britain’s top general has warned.

Chief of the Defence Staff Sir Nick Carter said a “new age of alternative weapons” including energy, bribes, corruption, cyber-attacks, assassination, fake news, propaganda, soldiers in unmarked uniforms and deniable private military and security companies posed a huge threat to pace. Writing in the Sunday Telegraph he said: “The character of politics and warfare is evolving rapidly, driven by the pervasiveness of information and the rate of technological change.

“Our competitors have become masters at exploiting the seams between peace and war. What constitutes a weapon in this ‘grey zone’ no longer has to go ‘bang’.”

He warned the current global strategic and political context had made the world less stable than at any time since World War 2.

He said: “The threats are diversifying, proliferating and intensifying rapidly. The global playing field is characterised by constant confrontation, with a return to a former era of great power competition.

Ambitious states such as Russia, China and Iran are asserting themselves in ways that challenge our security, stability and prosperity.”