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Open Line 430

John 8:32 says “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” If the truth is designed to set you free, a lie will place you in bondage. From the beginning, Satan used a lie to place the human race in bondage, and he has not stopped since then. We will […]

Trump Plans to Visit Mexico Border with Gov. Abbott

Former President Donald Trump has scheduled a visit to the border with Texas Governor Greg Abbott on June 30th. Fox News reports: The president said in a press release that he had accepted Abbott’s invitation to visit the “decimated” border, a deteriorating situation that he attributed to the Biden administration’s decisions to reverse many of […]

EU Members Agree to Lift Travel Restrictions on U.S. Tourists

The European Union is recommending the use of digital travel certificates to allow its vaccinated citizens, and vaccinated tourists from the U.S. and and other countries to travel without restrictions between the EU nations. NPR reports: The free certificates, which will contain a QR code with advanced security features, will allow people to move between […]

Hans Kung’s Efforts Toward a World Religion

Hans Kung passed away on April 6. He was a theological advisor at Vatican Council 2 and wrote The Declaration Toward a Global Ethic adopted at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago in 1993 and 2018. We will discuss Hans Kung’s efforts toward a world religion, and a world government, on this edition […]

JD Greear Urges Southern Baptists Not to Engage in Pharisee Hypocrisy on Sexual Abuse, Racism and CRT

J.D. Greear on Tuesday gave his last address as President of the Southern Baptist Convention. In his address he said that “the curse of liberalism is real”. The Christian Post reports: Outgoing Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear warned the largest Protestant denomination in the United States against being Pharisee-like hypocrites on issues pertaining to […]

Canadian Pastor Arrested for Holding Outdoor Church Services

The pastor of Fairway Baptist Church in Calgary, Tim Stephens was arrested Monday at his home following the discovery by a police helicopter of illegal outdoor church services. Christian Headlines reports: “His wife, Raquel, posted a message on Twitter Tuesday saying Stephens had “refused the bail condition” and “will remain in custody until his next […]

Religious Persecution

The church is under attack and pastors have been arrested for holding church services. Gathering for worship and prayer became a violation under COVID-19 restrictions and if we’re honest, they’re still a bit odd in many places. Meanwhile, world leaders meet for the G7 Summit and hold cookouts on the beach, shaking hands, hugging, and […]

Biden’s Plan Puts U.S. Taxes Under Global Control

A 21 percent global tax is being proposed by the Biden Administration. American businesses would bear the burden of this proposed global tax. WND reports: “Unfortunately, the concept is receiving strong approval from foreign countries – it was endorsed last week by the G-7 nations in a joint communique and will soon go before the […]

Netanyahu Vows to “Rescue” Israel

In a recent address to his supporters, outgoing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke of overthrowing the new government which he asserts is based on “fraud, hate and power-seeking”. The Times of Israel reports: “Addressing the heads of the parties, Netanyahu demanded discipline and cohesion in order to make life harder on the coalition and […]

Amazon Can Share Your Internet Connection

A new feature called Sidewalk is being rolled out for several Amazon devices including Echo and Ring. This potential invasion of privacy creates a “low bandwidth network” by sharing small amounts of internet network connectivity between nearby devices (i.e. your neighbor’s devices, on their network). This allows devices to remain online even if a particular […]

Polish Pastor Found Guilty of Exercising Free Speech

Pawel Chojecki, an evangelical pastor in Poland has been sentenced to community service and fines for speaking out against “the remnants of communism”. The New American reports: “The 58-year-old founder of New Covenant Church and creator and editor-in-chief of Against the Tide TV was convicted in a District Court in Lublin, Poland, on Thursday of […]