White House Turns to Threats as ObamaCare Enrollments Stall

Now that ObamaCare is failing in the exact way its critics predicted more than 5 years ago, the White House is preparing to use threats to increase ObamaCare enrollment numbers next year. The threat, of course, is the ObamaCare tax.


Next year the annual fine for not buying President Obama’s overpriced health insurance will jump to $695 or 2.5% of your income, whichever is greater. The White House intends to use the hefty fines as leverage in the upcoming 2016 enrollment period, which starts in November:


Administration officials are looking for a balance.


“We need to be make sure that we are very clear and explicit about that $695 penalty so people understand the choice they are making,” said spokeswoman Lori Lodes. But she said the main emphasis will stay on the benefits of having health insurance and how the law’s subsidies can dramatically lower the cost of monthly premiums.


It is no secret as to why no one is buying ObamaCare — ObamaCare sucks.


Already, a third of the co-ops have shut down, further undermining enrollee options; the cost of premiums are skyrocketing, primarily because only the sick are signing up, and you’re paying for a ton of Cadillac services you will never use: Men are paying for maternity care. We are all forced to pay for drug rehab.  Worst of all, the deductibles are sky high — in the thousands. The result is that a guy like me looking for single-person coverage ends up paying three hundred dollars-plus a month for a plan that offers no real benefits.


With that deductible, I pay for all of my medical coverage on top of obscenely-priced monthly premiums.


Before ObamaCare made them illegal, my catastrophic plan perfectly fit the bill. High deductible, low monthly premium, but if something terrible happened I was covered.


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