US has more known cases of coronavirus than any other country

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The United States now has the highest number of known cases of coronavirus in the world with more than 82,000, according to CNN’s tally of cases reported by health officials.

The US cases piled up Thursday, surpassing China and Italy. The per capita rate of cases varies because of the countries’ vast differences in population.

As of Thursday evening, the United States had at least 82,100 cases while China was reporting 81,782. There have been more than 510,000 cases reported worldwide. The countries’ numbers are changing constantly and both the totals and the rank order of countries could change at any time.

The grim milestone comes just as US officials said there was a new high for fatalities reported in a single day.

At least 246 new deaths were reported Thursday, bringing the total number of deaths nationwide to at least 1,195.


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3 Responses to “US has more known cases of coronavirus than any other country”

  1. Trump called it a hoax at first and therefore we lost valuable time in trying to curb the COVID-19. He is not giving medical people the resources they need causing them to beg for supplies. He is doing too little too late. We do not know how many are infected because there are not enough test kits available.

    • Most countries likely have more that have been infected than what has been reported in the news. The bigger the population, the more cases that potentially go unreported due to a portion of the infected not being tested. Some that have tested positive don’t show many symptoms and say they feel fine, which means that some with mild symptoms probably just ride it out at home (and are not part of the statistics).