TX state rep vows action after ‘transition’ legal fight

Following a court case that gained national attention, a state legislator in Texas is vowing to introduce legislation prohibiting the use of puberty blockers for children.

The promise from state Rep. Matt Krause comes after a custody battle over 7-year-old James Younger, who reportedly wants to be a girl according to his mother. But his father, however, claims that is not true and blames the mother for pushing the boy to become a girl named “Luna.”

A jury ruled in favor of the mother, paving the way for her to begin hormone treatments on James, but the family court judge later ruled the divorced parents will make joint medical decisions for the child.

“This is a 7-year-old child,” Rep. Krause told the “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” radio program. “I don’t know of hardly any other area in culture today where we allow 7-year-olds to make such momentous decisions, especially life-altering ones, irreparable ones if things go wrong.”

It is one thing for an 18-year-old, who is considered a legal adult, to make such decisions but not a 7-year-old child, he said.

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