The World’s Mobile Money Capital Urges Cashless Transactions Amid COVID-19 Spread, But Will This Help?

March 17, 2020   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: , ,

Three days ago, Kenya confirmed its first coronavirus (COVID-19) case. The infected person was a 27-year-old Kenyan national who was studying abroad.

Then barely two days later, President Uhuru Kenyatta confirmed two more cases of the deadly coronavirus in Kenya.

Addressing the nation on Sunday, President Kenyatta the two new cases were discovered following tests on 27 people who came into close contact with the country’s index patient.

As part of efforts aimed at containing the spread of the pandemic which has already caused over 6500 deaths and more than 170,000 infections globally, President Kenyatta announced a number of measures, including one that encouraged the adoption of cashless transactions to prevent the risk of transmission through physical handling of money.

“In order to avoid the risk of transmission through physical handling of money, we encourage the use of cashless transactions such as mobile money and credit cards,” a part of the President’s address reads.


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