State proposes spy cameras to charge ‘presumed guilty’ citizens

Virginia has been a flashpoint for abortion since Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam advocated infanticide during a radio interview about a radical bill in the legislature.

And the state is sharply divided over majority Democratic lawmakers proposing a slew of radical gun-control measures.

Now, the legislature is considering the deployment of automated cameras and radar to “bring speeding charges for which the accused is presumed guilty.”

The Rutherford Institute is denouncing House Bill 1442, which would authorize “photo speed monitoring devices.”

“At a time when the Commonwealth of Virginia is struggling with critical issues on almost every front, it is a poor reflection on the General Assembly that one of its top legislative priorities – authorizing the installation and deployment of automated speed cameras throughout the state – involves a backdoor means of generating revenue for localities and police agencies at the expense of the citizenry’s rights to privacy and due process,” said constitutional attorney John W. Whitehead, the institute’s president.


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