Reid’s ‘shell game’ on Obamacare hits Supremes

The Pacific Legal Foundation has filed a request with the U.S. Supreme Court to review the “shell” game through which then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid imposed Obamacare on the nation.


The case, which challenges the health care plan’s constitutionality based on the Origination Clause, is intended to strike the entire law – taxes, mandates, rules, regulations, bureaucrats and all.


The foundation announced the action with a news conference Monday at the court in Washington.


“Every day it becomes more clear that Obamacare is bad medicine for America,” said PLF Principal Attorney Timothy Sandefur, who represents small-business owner Matt Sissel.


“Obamacare cancels freedom of choice in people’s medical decisions and swamps healthcare providers with micromanaging federal dictates. And more and more, it is triggering unaffordable insurance-premium hikes for tens of millions of families and individuals.”


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Sandefur said that “beyond its assault on healthcare freedom, Obamacare represents an attack on some core constitutional principles and protections for taxpayers.”


“Obamacare raises taxes by hundreds of billions of dollars, but it was enacted in violation of the Origination Clause, which was designed to safeguard against arbitrary and reckless taxation. Obamacare was unveiled in the Senate, even though the Origination Clause requires taxes to start in the House, the body closest to the people,” he said.


“Pacific Legal Foundation and Matt Sissel are asking the Supreme Court to accept our challenge to Obamacare, in order to uphold and enforce the Constitution’s safeguards against arbitrary taxation, and to liberate Americans from a harmful law that was imposed in defiance of those procedures and protections,” said Sandefur.


Pacific Legal argues that Reid simply took the number of a House-passed bill that raised no taxes and and pasted it on the front of the thousands of pages of Obamacare, which taxes Americans $500 billion a year.


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