Pope issues disturbing New Age pronouncements during Earth Day address

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The world has becoming a frightening place in the past few months and many people have even speculated that the end of the world is nigh.

And Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church, did not help to assuage those fears when, on Earth Day, he advised the billions of Catholics around the world to ask forgiveness from the earth in a screed that sounded more akin to a New Age movement speech than a Christian one.

“In today’s celebration of Earth Day,” he said on Wednesday, “we are called to renew our sense of sacred respect for the earth, for it is not just our home but also God’s home,” Zenit reported.

For starters, God’s home is heaven. The earth is God’s creation and our (current) home. But that is the least of the issues Francis’ speech.

MORE: https://www.wnd.com/2020/04/pope-issues-disturbing-new-age-pronouncements-earth-day-address/

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24 Responses to “Pope issues disturbing New Age pronouncements during Earth Day address”

  1. Donna Blanchard

    I would love to hear your videos and all. However I am a widow on a “very small” income and truthfully I just can’t afford it. In the past when I was able to I did buy some of your stuff. But those days are gone! Maybe God will make a way for me you never know. I still believe in miracles!

  2. dale dorsett

    OK The Pope uses Project Lucifer with other telescopes to see what is hidden/occult essentially by definition of not seen in order to see a mother space ship coming to earth to bring earth’s Messiah. I suppose Jesus could use a space ship if He wanted grant it, question is if He as God needs one. Next the Pope invites all pagan and Christian religious leaders to the Vatican to bless them (how can God bless those opposed to Him and reject His Son Jesus) and find ‘common grounds’ (what has light to do with darkness?) – sounds more like the scattered religion of Babylon gathering and that religion was people rejecting the Creator and making gods of men and angels – Babylon Rising? Third is honoring the earth. The earth is God’s footstool but not His Throne. The earth merely is a physical copy of Heaven’s eternal spiritual things (I believe Heaven is a planet so wonderful that the earth copy really fell short of it especially after the fall of man. The sabbath is made for man not man for the sabbath – God set one day aside to be close to man and man be close to Him. Likewise the earth has little significance to God next to the value He put on His Image mankind. Earth will burn up eventually and there will be a new heaven (outer space) and a new earth made. Shows the temporal value of earth which is mankinds habitation to have dominion over give to mankind by God subverted by Satan and the fallen angels and demonic spiritual offspring of perished Nephilim who lost their bodies in the Noadic Flood. This Pope is wrong theologically and spiritually on almost all his actions. One can act pious and spiritual and not be known by God or accept God’s Salvation and Restoration to being children of God through Jesus His Son. A form of godliness denying the power of God thereof.

  3. Why are you surprised about the POPE’s speech? Do you not know that he and the system he represents is the anti-Christ. Please research the reformers like Matin Luther and John Husk for example and read what they have to say. The Papalcy is that little horn that will soon be healed when the image to the beast is formed. The United States is soon to speak as a dragon giving power to the beast and finally healing that deadly wound. The way the U.S will accomplish this is by making a law that Sunday is the day of worship and that all businesses will be closed. Read the POPE Ladato Si, this is his aim. After the U.S. announces this soon the whole world will do the same making an image to the beast. Saturday is the day of whirship not Sunday. Please I beg of you to research what I am saying. Soon after Sunday is enforced the Papalcy/Rome will begin punishing those who keep God’s commandments and have the testimony of Jesus. It will be like the dark ages all again when God’s people will have to flee for their lives and every earthly help will be cut off. The “MARK OF THE BEAST” is going to be about the day you worship. Every man is going to have to make a decision soon. This is life or death so don’t dismiss what I a saying. Please read the book “The Great Controversy” by Ellen G. White. Please refer to Utube for the site abouve by Walter Veith. Have the king James Bible while you study these prophetic facts. May God be with you all. He who has ears let him hear.

  4. Carlos Huitron

    I don’t believe the Pope is saved, because if he was, he would stop taking glory that is only honored to Jesus Christ. He would renounce his religion and stop misleading his followers. ” I am the LORD that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.” Isaiah 42:8, KJV. Praise be to GOD!!!

  5. Mike Lowe

    I am a Catholic, and I agree with very little of what Pope Francis says about climate change or the environment. He isn’t infallible when it comes to science. These are his opinions. As for asking forgiveness from the earth, this was obviously hyperbole. He actually referred to some Spanish saying, “..the earth never forgives.” If anyone thinks this means Pope Francis was teaching we need to pray to the earth for forgiveness, they are either distorting the truth or very ignorant. Finally, Pope Francis always mentions “the most vulnerable” when he brings up the environment – meaning the unborn and the very old. This part is always left out. He includes treating humans with dignity and respect in his ‘theology of ecology’ – i.e. abortion and euthanasia are grave sins. This part every Catholic should agree about, because it is part of Scripture, and and is a long-held Teaching of the Roman Catholic Church.

  6. Pastor Irvin provided an end time study series back in 2014-15 that mentioned the near certainty of this type of humanism taking over the churches. You called this correctly Pastor! Please keep up the good fight and thank you for the valuable studies you produce for our soul well-being. Two scripture come to mind as we read Pastor Baxter’s report: 1 Peter 5:8 and Matthew 10:16.
    We must pursue Godly wisdom in these end-times

  7. Chuck Mirisciotti

    Thank you for bringing us news we don’t hear from mainstream sources. Surely this pope is working against the cause of Christ. How foolish it is to follow man!

  8. Mindy Robinson

    Our respect isn’t sacred , earth isn’t God’s home, it is His creation and He controls it, all of it. We need forgiveness , thru Christ, from the Father. Earth can’t forgive you.

  9. Stephen Lawson

    The earth is alive and everything God made on this earth exists for the benefit of mankind. God’s purpose hasn’t changed. We were given instructions to be fruitful and multiply. We were told to love one another and to cultivate this earth into a garden paradise. We were also given free will. What you do with it is how you will be judged. Joshua 24:15

  10. Victor F. Andrews

    So true Entime Magazine – troublesome times – but keep working hard to warn the world that we are truly living in the last days!

        • Noelline Houareau

          I was a very fervent catholic believer but God help me find the truth like many others,I’ve read many books among the bible which we were forbiden to read even confiscated by priests and police in my country,why? I learn much of that religion deceits,what happen to the waldences,the dark ages and many other crimes will happen again maybe worse in the near future,Everything is being put in place for the slaughter,This is very serious,don’t wait to happen in order to believe,learn the truth and it will set us free.I