Pompeo: We’re Having to Clean Up the Obama Administration’s ‘Mess’ in Iran

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On Sunday’s broadcast of ABC’s “This Week,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the Trump administration is cleaning up the “mess” the Obama administration created in Iran.

Partial transcript as follows:

STEPHANOPOULOS: There’s also the question going forward if you take any new action against Iran is congressional authorization needed. Former Vice-President Biden spoke about that yesterday. Let’s listen.


JOE BIDEN, FORMER VICE-PRESIDENT: I’m going to make it clear, President Trump has no authority to take us to a military conflict with Iran, period. The bottom line is any further action against Iran requires congressional authorization.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Will the president go to Congress before taking new military action against Iran?

POMPEO: Boy, it’s really something to hear the vice-president from the previous administration be critical of this administration’s policy of Iran. We’re having to clean up their mess, George. We’ll do everything required under the law to bring us into compliance with all the relevant constitutional legal provisions with respect to our duties to the legislative branch.

MORE: https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2020/01/05/pompeo-were-having-to-clean-up-the-obama-administrations-mess-in-iran/

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18 Responses to “Pompeo: We’re Having to Clean Up the Obama Administration’s ‘Mess’ in Iran”

  1. Obama is a Muslim and he refused to salute the American flag during the pledge of allegiance. Obama was never for our country and I cant name one thing he accomplished to help America. Most of his actions helped cripple us. I fully support president Trump. Trump may be a do some things that we would handle differently and his language may not be professional but you name one person on this earth who is perfect. Trump did more for us his first 3 months of presidency than obama did in both of his terms.

    • Jesus is coming soon. This is not the time for condoning things that God would not in order to validate our misguided personal biases. Jesus is the King of Kings, and the government will be on his shoulders.

  2. Fusion GPS is owned by Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Eric Holder. Fusion GPS came up with the document with ALL of the LIES about President Trump. An investigation by AG Barr is digging into the criminal activity by Soetoro/Obama, Clintons and holder. I want to see all of those evil people in jail. The DNC is the party of Satan!!!

  3. Kevin McQuoid

    To those who are against the President of USA, Here’s some Knowledge, and along with some understanding of it, for you … Donald Trump is Maneuvered by YHVH who is the one God of Israel, none before him, none after him, and none beside him, no other gods, and YHVH is the creator of this planet, and all on it … Donald Trump is standing for Israel, that means the USA stands … For all those who come out or are against Israel, YHVH (God) will punish severely … Those who don’t know or understand this basic Knowledge, do not know God, and should remain silent for their own salvation hopes … Just a voice from New Zealand, who now has a leader who is in support of Islam, and who is Godless, and who is bringing NZ down in punishment, and who is also God Maneuvered.

  4. The current administration is lying need to take responsibility and tell the truth. Mr Trump is a liar and acts like a criminals that he is. He surrounds himself with criminals which is all in jail. I hope goes to jail seem anti American and in bed with Putin.

  5. The mess so called by this secy of state is s lie..they traffic in falsehoods daily..had president Obama had no plan what Iran would have done.
    We stood between Iran and Israel to keep them from their threat to Israel. This whole administration is farce…what is nationalism…but antisemitism…away with this entire administration…God have mercy on their souls…cover ups.
    Lying.. deceiving the American people! Every sense he announced he was a nationalist a rash of killing of Jews brown s and blacks!…the Confederate army sits in the white House and the Senate…Trump hatred..former president Obama..is so ovious…he will not ever ever be the President that Mr Obama was! His filthy and crude language for a president is beyond anything we have experienced!
    Our allies we will have none another 4 years of trump he will make himself president for life..a horrific mess! Nothing good will ever come from this oval office occupant!…We will reap it!

    • President Trump is trying to clean up the mess that the last 4 administrations has left this country in the terrible condition it’s in home and abroad. All you anti trump nay sayers are blind to the truth of the matter. Your just following the progressives agenda. THE BLIND LEADS THE BLIND AND THEY BOTH FALL IN THE DICH. GOD save us all!!!!!

      • Catherine

        A new commandment I give you: love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this you will know that you are my disciples. If you love one another. John 13:34-35. I don’t hear the love, just pride, hatred, and self-serving comments – even when commenting about God. There really is a God of love. He is not a Democrat or a Republican. He doesn’t hate Republicans or Democrats or people of other races, religions, etc. Think about what you believe and if your comments reflect God or your own self-serving biases.

      • Every time the demonics throw their hateful lies about President Trump, Israel and Jews they are shaking their fist at our God. He placed President Trump in our white house. God is fully aware of the hate soeotoro/Obama had for the Jews and this nation. President Trump is cleaning up the crimes committed against Christians, Jews and Israel.
        I have a question: Barry Soetoro was adopted by Indonesian communist Lolo Soetoro. Barry enrolled at Columbia University as Barry Soetoro, Foreign exchange student. On what date and in what court did he LEGALLY change his name from Barry Soetoro to Barack Hussein Obama? His drag queen, Michael Robinson put a dress on and paraded around as ‘first lady’. Documents show that he was born a man. Those two are truly sick and full of hate.

        • guy dadario

          When are you run farther than missiles on our military basis last week an injured 34 of our troops we should have retaliated and let Iran know that the party’s over being an ex-military man that’s the way I feel but our troops are in danger it’s time to step up thank you