Poland will not let EU ‘force’ it into allowing gay marriages, says justice minister

Poland’s justice minister said on Monday the European Union may be in a position to force Warsaw to legalize gay marriage if EU leaders make financial aid conditional on upholding democratic norms, and warned that this was unacceptable.

At talks in Brussels on the next EU budget and an economic recovery plan, some leaders have demanded that payouts be blocked to member states which the executive European Commission (EC) deems to be undermining democratic values.

Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro said this would give Brussels the possibility of “arbitrarily” blocking payments worth billions of euros.

“There is a real risk that we may find ourselves in a situation where the EC will effectively force us to introduce the so-called homosexual marriages with the right to adopt children,” he told a news conference.

MORE: https://whtc.com/news/articles/2020/jul/20/poland-will-not-let-eu-force-it-into-allowing-gay-marriages-says-justice-minister/1041298/?refer-section=world

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