Pictures: Croatia Earthquake, Largest in 140 Years, Injures 17, Damages Cathedral and Homes

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A 15-year-old was reported to be in critical condition and 16 other people were injured, authorities said.

The European seismological agency, EMSC, said the 5.3 earthquake struck a wide area north of the capital, Zagreb, at 6:23 a.m. (0523 GMT). The epicenter was 7 kilometers (4 miles) north of Zagreb at a depth of 10 kilometers (6 miles).

At least four weaker temblors followed the initial quake.

Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said the earthquake was the biggest in Zagreb in the last 140 years.

Many buildings cracked and walls and rooftops were damaged. Streets were littered with debris. Concrete slabs fell on cars and chimneys landed in front of entrances.

Footage from the scene showed mothers dressed in nightgowns hugging their newborn babies in a parking lot as they evacuated a damaged maternity hospital amid freezing temperatures. The women, newborn babies and incubators were being moved to a new location with the help of the army.



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5 Responses to “Pictures: Croatia Earthquake, Largest in 140 Years, Injures 17, Damages Cathedral and Homes”

  1. Madeline

    Thank you for sharing all that you do…recently saw you on the Jim Bakker and you’ve conformed some of what my intuition and gut feelings..My the Armor of God surround you and you purpose here on planet earth..Grace and Blessings

  2. Noelline Houareau

    The nation s of the the world have become one big family,no borders,no barriers,so we should determine to take a step,ask for wisdom from the’s a time of reflection,repentance,the time is near,