Kids Suffering Nightmares, Lost Sleep Over Climate Fears

British children have been so propagandized about the supposedly imminent climate apocalypse that nearly a fifth of them are losing sleep and having nightmares about it, according to a survey conducted by the BBC’s Newsround, a television news program for children.

The survey of 2,000 eight- to 16-year-olds found that close to three-fourths (73 percent) of Her Majesty’s young subjects are worried about the current state of the Earth, with 22 percent of them saying they are very worried.

They aren’t solely concerned about the planet’s current condition, either. “When asked about their futures, almost three in five (58%) children said they’re worried about the impact that climate change will have on their lives,” wrote Newsround.

Indeed, nearly one in five kids is so anxious about the planet’s future that it’s affecting his psychological and emotional well-being. Nineteen percent of those surveyed said they’d had a bad dream about climate change, while 17 percent said their concerns have affected their sleeping and eating habits.


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