Impeachment Is Already Backfiring on Democrats: Republican Fundraising Soars to Record Levels

Democrats are finding out that impeachment is paying off — for the Trump re-election effort.

On Wednesday, the same day the Democrats in the House of Representatives disgracefully voted to try to remove President Donald Trump from office, Americans were voting in a different way, with their hard-earned dollars.

“@realDonaldTrump has raised over 5M dollars (still growing) today as Americans use their wallet to show support against @SpeakerPelosi’s impeachment hoax!” Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale wrote on Twitter late in the day.

It wasn’t just Trump, and it wasn’t Wednesday alone.

According to Fox News, the Republican National Committee brought in more than $20 million in donations for the month of November, as the impeachment tide swelled on Capitol Hill.

It was the best November on record in the party’s history.

That puts the party’s coffers at $63.2 million in cash, Fox reported, “marking the most cash-on-hand it has had since before the 2012 presidential election.”