Climate-alarmist Group Creates Blacklist to Discredit Climate “Deniers”

Nothing frightens climate alarmists more than actual scientists and other influencers who might offer an opinion that counters the narrative that carbon dioxide emitted by mankind is causing catastrophic global warming. Because of the fear of scientific nonbelievers, one climate-alarmist website has created a blacklist of scientists, politicians, journalists, and others who they say are engaging in “misinformation” in the climate-change debate.

The website Skeptical Science (SkS), founded by Australian cartoonist and self-described cognitive scientist John Cook, has created its own “climate misinformation by source” database, which is intended to offer a heads-up to universities, think tanks, and anyone else who might consider hiring or even listening to these “climate deniers.”

Among the scientists on the list are Judith Curry; William Happer; Richard Lindzen; Roger Pielke, Sr.; Roger Pielke, Jr.; John Cristy, and Roy Spencer — all of whom are much more qualified to discuss climate science than Cook.

In Curry’s case, her skepticism of the climate-change narrative led to her being ousted from her longtime job as the head of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Tech University — a job she was eminently qualified for.


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