Church leaders raise concerns over Christianity’s future in Iraq

The Islamic State has been defeated and bombings and kidnappings have also decreased, but Iraq’s Christians still don’t find the cradle of Christianity livable and continue to leave the country that has now become a land of militias, causing concerns among church leaders.

St. Joseph’s parish in Baghdad once had 5,000 families, but the number has now reduced to 150 thanks to a mass exodus in the last decade to the West. “They feel there is no peace, law or justice here in Baghdad, and that our country has become a land of militias,” the parish priest, Father Nadheer Dako, told The Telegraph.

A parishioner, Nasib Hana Jabril, further explained, “It is true that people are no longer getting kidnapped as much, and the Islamic State is gone. But the infrastructure of the country has been ruined, and people want a better future, not so much for themselves but for their children.”


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