Act Now To Live Poor: The UN’s Plan for You

The UN’s ActNow program goes into detail about the individual sacrifices the UN wants everyday Americans to make — and to pressure legislators to make it happen.

The phrase “American dream” should probably be re-termed the “American ideal” to make better sense. That ideal is based upon using the freedom and opportunity provided to Americans through the U.S. Constitution to achieve prosperity, success, and fulfillment for themselves and their children through hard work — in short, the opportunity for each person to pursue his or her own happiness.

But what does “happiness” entail? For some people, that means eating a brat-burger with cheese and ketchup at a table with family members, swapping the day’s stories. For others, it’s about having a shiny car that goes 200 miles per hour or weekends at the lake reading books, staying in one’s condo or on a houseboat. For some, it’s about trips to Rome, Paris, or Miami — visiting Australia, Africa, or South America — or about farming or ranching or hiking or skiing or fishing or hunting or praying or playing video games or something else. For a relative few, happiness means “doing without,” having as little impact on Earth’s environment as possible so as to not interfere with “nature.”