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Iran newspaper: If US attacks us, White House would be destroyed in 10 minutes

The conservative, Khamenei-linked Iranian daily Kayhan published the comments in a June 17 editorial, MEMRI said Friday.   The Kayhan editorial said Iran was currently in a situation similar to that of the early battles of Islam, when Muhammad won the Battle of Badr and annihilated the Jews of Khaybar, MEMRI said. The newspaper called […]

Who’s on Whose Side in the Middle East?

The Fight Against the Islamic State Conflict in the Middle East By Rick Brinegar   Just when we thought we had a handle on who is against who, and who is on whose side in the Middle East, things have gotten even more difficult to understand.   Mohammad Javad Zarif, the foreign minister a country […]

White House Officials Plot Ways to Pressure Lawmakers Into Supporting Iran Deal

White House officials on Monday held a private conference call with liberal organizations to discuss ways of pressuring Democrats and other lawmakers on Capitol Hill into supporting a nuclear deal with Iran that is expected to be finalized in the coming days, according to an audio recording of that call obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. […]

White House, GOP try to pick up the pieces on trade

They appeared to be on the verge of a major victory on fast-track — and indeed, the controversial measure allowing Obama to send trade deals to Congress for up-or-down votes was approved Friday in a separate 219-211 vote. But because the House failed to approve a separate measure for workers displaced by trade deals known […]

White House reiterates its will to walk away from bad Iran deal as Corker calls for ‘courage’

A key senator has written to US President Barack Obama outlining his concerns with an emerging nuclear agreement with Iran, urging him to muster the “courage” necessary to walk away should Tehran’s final proposal not meet his own set standards.   Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Bob Corker (R-Tennessee), who brokered a compromise Iran bill […]

Obama approves sending up to 450 more US troops to Iraq

The White House announced Wednesday that President Obama has approved sending up to 450 additional U.S. troops to Iraq, in a bid to boost local forces fighting the Islamic State’s advances.   The troops will be sent to help train, advise and assist Iraqi security forces, at a base in eastern Anbar province.   “The […]

White House welcomes Jerusalem passport ruling as upholding president’s authority

The White House expressed its satisfaction Tuesday with the Supreme Court’s decision to rule against congressional efforts to recognize Jerusalem as sovereign Israeli territory.   The court ruled on Monday that citizens born in Jerusalem are not permitted to list Israel as their place of birth on their US passports, which the State Department issues. […]

Rand Paul demands White House release trade deal text immediately

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said Saturday it “boggles the mind” that the White House has not yet released the text of trade deal it’s pushing, known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).   “It kind of boggles the mind,” Paul said in an interview with Breitbart News. “Who’s in charge of the administration that decides to […]

Obama’s Trade Deal Faces Bipartisan Peril in the House

The bruising battle over President Obama’s push for the power to negotiate two potentially far-reaching trade pacts will shift this week to the House, where the White House faces entrenched opposition from Democrats and the stirring of rebellion from the Republicans’ right flank.   Advocates of the trade bill from both parties say they are […]

White House report offers more on NSA spying on Americans’ calls, with Patriot Act set to expire

With debate gearing up over the coming expiration of the Patriot Act surveillance law, the Obama administration on Saturday unveiled a 6-year-old report examining the once-secret program to collect information on Americans’ calls and emails.   The Office of the Director of National Intelligence publicly released the redacted report following a Freedom of Information Act […]