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Tony Blair could face prosecution yet – focus on oil and follow the money

British politicians and officials were nervous about being accused of war crimes, according to documents released as part of the Chilcot report. Tony Blair and Jack Straw knew of warnings about potential breaches of the Geneva and Hague conventions from the government’s own lawyers.   As Sir John Chilcot said, it was not his job […]

Iraq war was illegal, says Blair’s former deputy

John Prescott, number two in the Labour government when Britain took part in the US-led invasion in 2003, made the remarks in a piece to be published in the Sunday Mirror newspaper.   On Wednesday, the Chilcot report returned a damning verdict on Britain’s role in the US-led war, finding it joined the conflict before […]

Iraq Report Prompts More Defensiveness Than Regret From Tony Blair

LONDON — His voice sometimes close to cracking, his expression strained and grim, former Prime Minister Tony Blair spent much of the past two days responding to the damning judgment of an inquiry into how he led Britain into the Iraq war, engaging in an extraordinary public mix of soul searching, regret and defensiveness.   […]

‘Our nation is in peril’: Tony Blair urges calm in Brexit talks

Tony Blair has called for “serious statesmanship” in the talks with the European Union that will shape the future of the UK after Brexit.   The former prime minister warned “our nation is in peril” after the vote to leave the EU and the negotiations on the UK’s future relationship with the other countries would […]

Blair engineered Herzog-Netanyahu unity talks?

Former British Prime Minister and Quartet envoy Tony Blair was one on a list of several international figures behind the failed move designed to legitimize the addition of the Zionist Union to the coalition, Haaretz and Channel 10 News revealed on Wednesday.   Two sources in the Israeli political system quoted in Haaretz said that […]

Blair Calls for West to Send Ground Troops Against ISIS

Writing in Britain’s Sunday Times for March 27, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair (shown) said, “Where [Arab allies] need active on-the-ground military support from us, we should give it. They [ISIS] have to be crushed.”He continued:We must build military capability able to confront and defeat the terrorists wherever they try to hold territory. This […]

Tony Blair: Britain must join EU army, fend off ‘backward-looking’ Euroskeptics

Blair said the rise of China and India as major global powers meant the balance of global power may shift. If Britain wished to stay relevant, he argued, it must remain bound to Europe.   He said smaller countries which have population of below 100 million would be wise to rely on their “geographical relationships” […]

Blair acknowledges ISIS stemmed from Iraq invasion, refuses to apologize for toppling Saddam

The former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has acknowledged there are “elements of truth” in statements saying the rise of Islamic State was a direct consequence of the US-led invasion of Iraq, but refused to apologize for attacking the country. “I find it hard to apologize for removing Saddam. I think, even from today in […]

US-led invasion of Iraq played role in rise of ISIS, ex-British leader Tony Blair says

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has said the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq was partly responsible for the emergence of the Islamic State militant group in the Middle East. But he insisted that toppling dictator Saddam Hussein had been the right thing to do.   Blair told CNN that “there are elements of truth” in […]

Tony Blair branded ‘megalomaniac’ following Newsweek interview

Tony Blair yesterday faced accusations of ‘megalomania’ over an interview in which he vowed to set up his own ‘leaders club’ of ex-statesmen – and appeared to dismiss the need for democracy.   The ex-PM said he wanted to create a ‘cadre’ of former leaders to advise governments, saying: ‘You can get some of these […]