Blair Calls for West to Send Ground Troops Against ISIS

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Writing in Britain’s Sunday Times for March 27, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair (shown) said, “Where [Arab allies] need active on-the-ground military support from us, we should give it. They [ISIS] have to be crushed.”He continued:We must build military capability able to confront and defeat the terrorists wherever they try to hold territory. This is not just about local forces. It is a challenge for the west. Ground forces are necessary to win this fight and ours are the most capable.Excerpts from Blair’s Times article (which is accessible only by subscribers) were quoted in Britain’s Guardian and Daily Mail, and in Australias The Australian.Carter Financial GroupWe will help achieve your financial goals and will give you sound guidance.


The Guardian reported that UK officials are considering contributing 1,000 non-combat troops to a 5,000-member international force that will train the Libyan army in its fight to overcome ISIS forces in that country, but suggested that Britain may need make a bigger commitment, at least in Iraq and Syria, writing:We are making progress in the fight against ISIS but it has to be eliminated with greater speed and vigor. This “caliphate” is itself a source of recruitment.


We can use local allies in the fight, but they need equipment and where they need active, on-the-ground, military support from us, we should give it. The Americans are doing this now — at least to a degree and with effect. But to have allowed ISIS to become the largest militia in Libya right on Europe’s doorstep is extraordinary. It has to be crushed.In his article, Blair struck a middle ground between those who blame all Muslims for the actions of terrorist groups such as ISIS, and those who believe that the terrorists are but a tiny segment within Islam. He asserted that the threat to Britain was not limited to “tens of thousands of brainwashed crazies” but also to Muslims who did not advocate violence but nevertheless shared an ideology that was “fundamentally incompatible with the modern world”“The adherents of this view of Islam are numbered in many millions,” Blair continued. “This ideology is not interested in coexistence. It does not seek dialogue but dominance. It cannot therefore be contained. It has to be defeated.”


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