In N.Y., White House poised to create first monument to gay rights struggle

President Obama is poised to declare the first-ever national monument recognizing the struggle for gay rights, singling out a sliver of green space and part of the surrounding Greenwich Village neighborhood as the birthplace of America’s modern gay liberation movement.   While most national monuments have highlighted iconic wild landscapes or historic sites from centuries […]

Citizens, leaders push back against Target

An Alabama town will have free legal assistance if activists file a legal challenge to their transgender bathroom ordinance.   Citizens and city leaders in Oxford, Alabama, expressed their concern last week about Target’s policy that allows men to use women’s restrooms and fitting rooms. That’s the same policy that has been the subject of […]

Transgender Restrooms: Not a Federal Case

As the transgender restroom issue heats up, presidential candidates are weighing in. And they seem to be forgetting at least one very crucial fact: As important as this is as a national issue, it is not a federal issue.   The battle began in February when the Charlotte, North Carolina City Council passed an ordinance […]

Rep. Cicilline: States Using Religion as ‘Excuse for Discrimination’ Against LGBT

Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) said at a press conference on Thursday that the bill he sponsored to include “sex,” “sexual orientation,” and “gender identity” as protected classes under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was needed to counter state laws and proposed state laws that are “allowing religion to be used as an excuse for discrimination.”   […]

Target Boycott Crosses 1 Million Signers, Stock Sinks by $1.5 Billion

More than 1,000,000 people have signed the boycott pledge against Target, following the secretive decision by executives to open all of their stores’ bathrooms and changing rooms to people of both sexes.   Late Thursday night, roughly 75 people a minute were adding their name to the petition as it clicked over 1 million, just […]

Blurring Gender Lines: The Ultimate Form of Moral Relativism

Who would have thought that a retail giant and a bathroom policy would ignite a national debate?   But that’s exactly what has happened, as nearly a million concerned citizens have signed an American Family Association #BoycottTarget pledge after the corporation announced that it was restating its bathroom policy. According to Target, transgender team members […]

School board blocks transgender kids from choosing restroom

A north Florida school board approved a measure on Tuesday that will limit restrooms to students based on their birth sex, not their gender identity.   The Marion County School Board approved the ban which took effect Wednesday morning.   The decision came despite a warning from the American Civil Liberties Union that the ban […]

More than 700,000 pledge to boycott Target over transgender bathroom policy

“This is the best response we’ve ever had this quick,” says AFA President Tim Wildmon, attributing the protest’s viral nature to the fact that “everybody knows who Target is, and it’s an easy-to-understand issue.”   Wildmon says Target stands “to lose a lot of customers who won’t come back.” But Target is standing by its policy. […]

North Carolina anti-LGBT law stirs protest

Thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest against a new bill that restricts gay rights, and bathroom access for transgender people in public buildings. An equal number of anti-LGBT supporters gathered in North Carolina’s capital city Raleigh to take part in the rally.   Over 50 protestors were arrested when they refused […]

Outrage Abounds over Target’s Decision to Allow Transgenders in Any Bathroom

People have taken to social media to express disgust and outrage over Target’s decision to allow transgender people to use any bathroom or fitting room.   Read More: Outrage Abounds over Target’s Decision to Allow Transgenders in Any Bathroom – Breitbart