Citizens, leaders push back against Target

An Alabama town will have free legal assistance if activists file a legal challenge to their transgender bathroom ordinance.


Citizens and city leaders in Oxford, Alabama, expressed their concern last week about Target’s policy that allows men to use women’s restrooms and fitting rooms. That’s the same policy that has been the subject of an American Family Association boycott. Oxford has a local Target store.


John Eidsmoe, senior counsel at the Alabama-based Foundation for Moral Law, explains the reaction in Oxford.


“The people in Oxford and the entire city council in Oxford were convinced that this was unnatural, that this would be embarrassing and uncomfortable for many people of both sexes – and that it could also be an opportunity for sexual predators to take advantage of women and children,” he tells OneNewsNow.


That’s essentially the same argument AFA is making in its boycott, which has drawn in excess of 1.1 million signatures.


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