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As ‘caliphate’ shrinks, Islamic State looks to global attacks

ISIS, losing territory and on the retreat in Iraq and Syria, has claimed credit for a surge in global attacks this summer, most of them in France and Germany.   The wave of attacks followed a call to strike against the West during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan in June and July, in an […]

Pope To Young On Poland Trip: Believe ‘In A New Humanity’

Pope Francis told young people who flocked by the hundreds of thousands to his words Sunday that they need to “believe in a new humanity” stronger than evil, and cautioned against concluding that one religion is more violent than others.   Organizers of the Catholic jamboree known as World Youth Day estimated 1.5 million youths […]

‘One ISIS attack every 84 hours’ spurs dread and anger in Europe

n the past week I have seen flowers and candles carpeting a street in Munich, the tranquility of a small Bavarian town shattered by a suicide bomb and a small church in suburban France sealed off after its octogenarian priest had his throat cut.   Before these horrific events, there was a knife-wielding teenager on […]

Polish Experts: ‘Europe is at The End of its Existence. Western Europe is Practically Dead’

Speaking to Polish television, a former member of Poland’s counter-terror police and an academic expert on information warfare and terrorism have articulated their concern about the intellectual and spiritual collapse of European civilisation, remarking it is “at the end of its existence”. Former Central Bureau of Investigation (CBS) officer Jacek Wrona and military history academic Dr. Rafał Brzeski […]

Paris Cardinal: Islamists Worship a ‘God of Death’

Mincing no words, French Cardinal André Vingt-Trois told the Christian faithful this week that jihadists “wrap themselves in the trappings of religion” while announcing a “God of death,” whom the prelate compared to the ancient pagan god “Moloch”—who demanded live human sacrifices as a tribute. The Cardinal, who serves as archbishop of Paris, pronounced these […]

Hungarian prime minister says migrants are ‘poison’ and ‘not needed’

Hungary’s right-wing prime minister Viktor Orban has described the arrival of asylum seekers in Europe as “a poison”, saying his country did not want or need “a single migrant”.   As the killing of a priest in Normandy became the latest in a string of violent attacks to shake Europe this summer, Orban fuelled fears […]

Terror Attacks In Europe Are Becoming a Daily Occurence

Terrorist savages have struck Europe again, claiming another life in a seemingly endless tide of violence.   It is horrific. Indeed, it is especially horrific – a Catholic priest had his throat cut in the middle of Mass.   But attack after attack strains everybody’s ability to respond with the levels of emotion such atrocities demand. […]

Abbas urges African Union to back French peace push on Mideast conflict

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas urged members of the continental African Union to back a French-led initiative to hold an international summit on relaunching negotiations on the decades-long Middle East conflict.   According to Palestinian news agency Ma’an, Abbas told the 54-member state body during its 27th-annual summit in Kigali, Rwanada that its international and […]

European consumers are eager to use biometric technology for secure payments, Visa study finds

As cybersecurity threats targeting the financial sector continue to rise and malicious hackers’ techniques become bolder and more sophisticated, biometric technology is swiftly emerging as a promising solution to strengthen digital security and better secure payments. Over half of Europeans are ready to use the technology while making a payment, Visa research has found.   […]

5 Things You Need To Know About Britain’s New Prime Minister

Britain’s new Prime Minister is former Home Secretary Theresa May, of the ruling conservative party. (The home secretary is in charge of homeland security, immigration and police). She will take office today, following the resignation of the outgoing Prime Minister David Cameron.   Here are five things you need to know about her policies on […]