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Obama on fighting climate change at the UN

Obama gave his final address to the United Nations on Tuesday, where he discussed how investing in new technologies can help combat climate change, among other issues.   He highlighted the need for a “new model” for the global marketplace, one that’s both environmentally sustainable and inclusive of rich and poor countries.   The address came just […]

France bans the use of plastic crockery and cutlery to aid battle against climate change

lastic crockery and cutlery is to be banned in France unless it is made from biologically sourced materials.   The law comes into force in 2020. It is part of a French environmental initiative called the Energy Transition for Green Growth, part of a package aimed at tackling climate change.   But, the Independent reported, the […]

California drought: Climate change models suggests dryness could last for centuries

California is currently experiencing its fifth consecutive year of severe droughts, and scientists suggest the end is not in sight just yet. Studying the state’s historic and prehistoric climate, they have indicated that if past patterns were to be repeated, aridity could become the “new normal” for centuries to come.   In California, the 21st […]

TRUMP: Claims of global warming still ‘need to be investigated’

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Jill Stein have all answered 20 questions from the website sciencedebate.org about science.   Particularly interesting are their answers to this question (emphasis mine):   The Earth’s climate is changing and political discussion has become divided over both the science and the best response. What are your views on climate […]

Four Studies Find ‘No Observable Sea-Level Effect’ From Man-Made Global Warming

Ten years after former Vice President Al Gore warned in his 2006 Oscar-winning film, An Inconvenient Truth, that if nothing was done to stop man-made global warming, melting Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets could raise sea levels by up to 20 feet, four peer-reviewed scientific studies found “no observable sea-level effect of anthropogenic global warming.”   […]

With U.S. Election in Sight, Ban Ki-moon Seeks Quick Action on Climate Accord

As the United Nations General Assembly converges in New York on Tuesday, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is using the gathering of world leaders to rush the 2015 Paris climate change accord into legal force this year, hoping to bind all countries to its strictures for at least the next four years — regardless of the […]

UN Climate Change Official: Paris Accord to Enter into Force in November

HONOLULU, Hawaii – The new United Nations secretary for the climate change agreement, Mexico’s Patricia Espinosa, says that the Paris Accord will enter into force in early November at the summit to be held in Marrakesh, Morocco.   Espinosa commented in an interview with EFE held during the World Conservation Conference in Hawaii, where it […]

Obama Heads to Asia Seeking Breakthrough on Trade and Climate Change

President Obama set off on a trans-Pacific voyage on Wednesday, his 10th trip to Asia as president and most likely his last chance to showcase two of his most cherished projects: the focus on Asia and the campaign to curb climate change.   For Mr. Obama, it is a mixed record. He hopes to announce […]

WH: Obama Will Use Executive Authority to Join Paris Climate Accord

Senior White House advisor Brian Deese said Monday President Obama plans to join the Paris climate agreement formally “as soon as possible” – but stopped short of saying he would do so during a trip to China this week. Deese said the accord was an “executive agreement” and not one requiring Senate advice and consent. […]

Can Obama Seal Climate Change Legacy on Final Presidential Trip to Asia?

President Barack Obama will combine two crucial tenets of his environmental legacy during a whirlwind 10-day trip beginning Wednesday.   The conservation element of that legacy will be capped by a dazzling photo op at the far-flung Midway Islands, a wildlife refuge in the Pacific Ocean which last week Obama expanded to become the largest […]