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Prosecutors: Exaggerating Climate Risks Might be Fraud

Oops! Rockefeller-funded “climate” alarmists caught conspiring with rogue officials to persecute their critics by abusing the legal system are almost certainly kicking themselves right now. Responding to what multiple legal experts have described as a potential “criminal conspiracy” among far-left prosecutors and global-warming theorists to target skeptics of their increasingly discredited theory, conservative-leaning state attorneys […]

China’s plan to cut meat consumption by 50% cheered by climate campaigners

The Chinese government has outlined a plan to reduce its citizens’ meat consumption by 50%, in a move that climate campaigners hope will provide major heft in the effort to avoid runaway global warming.   New dietary guidelines drawn up by China’s health ministry recommend that the nation’s 1.3 billion population should consume between 40g […]

Habitat corridors could help save wildlife from climate change

Over the next century, as temperatures climb, precipitation patterns shift, and sea levels rise, there will be a dramatic altering of the American landscape.   Faced with these changes, some plants and animals will either have to adapt or flee to new, colder homes in order to survive. In fact, a number of species have […]

India Joins U.S. Goal to Cement Climate Deal This Year

Prospects for quicker implementation of the Paris climate change agreement got a little brighter today, when India Prime Minister Narendra Modi essentially backed a U.S.-China push to get the deal entered into force by the end of 2016.   The pledge, announced during daylong White House meetings between Modi and President Barack Obama, was made […]

Muslims and Christians come together to make campuses a “greener” place

CHICAGO — The inaugural Interfaith Dialogue and Entrepreneurial Activity (IDEA) Generators Conference wrapped up Monday after three days of ideating, developing, and pitching projects designed to address environmental sustainability in North America college campuses and campus communities through an interfaith partnership. The event brought together 32 students, professors, and professionals from across the United States and beyond, […]

Norway is going to ban all gas-powered cars by 2025

While the United States Congress is still working out whether climate change is real, leaders from Norway’s four main political parties have reached a tentative agreement to end the country’s dependency on gasoline-powered cars.   According to Time, Norway is readying a bill that will effectively ban the sale of non-electric vehicles by 2025: meaning, […]

Donald Trump vows to pull US out of Paris climate agreement if he is elected

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has promised to pull the US out of the Paris Agreement and end regulations on the energy industry if elected. Speaking to supporters in a rally at the Walliston Basin Petroleum Conference in North Dakota, the billionaire and former reality TV star outlined a his plans for America to […]

Portland School System Bans Teaching Materials That Cast Doubt on Climate Change

A resolution passed by the Portland, Oregon, school board will eliminate words like “may,” “might” and “could” from the district’s curriculum. But it’s not English lessons where these words will cease to appear; rather, it’s in science classes, in the context of climate change and its causes. Last week, the Portland Public School board unanimously passed […]

Pressure Builds on Prosecutors Persecuting Climate Skeptics

Oops! The climate-alarmist movement and its armed enforcers have egg all over their face, again. After being warned that they may be breaking federal laws prohibiting criminal conspiracies against constitutionally protected rights, the state prosecutors persecuting skeptics of man-made global-warming alarmism are under growing national pressure to respect the rule of law, and the First […]

After 10 Years Al Gore’s Film Is Still Alarmingly Inaccurate

It’s been nearly one decade since former Vice President Al Gore released his film “An Inconvenient Truth.” It sent shockwaves through American politics and emboldened environmental activists to push for more regulations on American businesses.   Gore warned increasing carbon dioxide emissions would spur catastrophic global warming that would cause more extreme weather, wipe out cities […]