Will Obama Save Meriam Ibrahim and Her Babies?

June 4, 2014   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: , ,

What has President Barack Obama personally said about the plight of U.S. citizen’s family? So far, nothing. What has Secretary of State John Kerry personally said? So far, nothing. Spokespersons at the White House and the State Department have made statements, but not the president or the secretary of state. Daniel Wani told the Mail that the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum has not been helpful to him. “They said ‘well your wife isn’t American, so we can’t help,'” Wani said. “I felt disgusted. My home is in America, and still they won’t help. It’s getting uglier, and it’s not going in the right direction…

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No Responses to “Will Obama Save Meriam Ibrahim and Her Babies?”

  1. Lorenzo Quinata

    The Creation Story in Genesis, God showed His love for humanity. He said several times, “Be fruitful and multiply”. When God created Adam and Eve, He created man and woman, an earthly family, to have a relationship with Him. I love the Pope and Juan Carlos Cruz, but the Pope’s words are discouraging to read, especially when the bible contradicts this. We are taught to love the Lord our God, with all our heart, mind and soul and love our neighbor as we love ourselves. We must pray for the Pope and Juan Carlos Cruz. We all need prayers, specially for Salvation. No man has the authority, not even the Pope to change God’s words in the bible. Open your bible and read, Revelation 22:7-21. Have a blessed day and “Jesus Loves You”.

  2. judith ann smitherman

    The editorial comments regarding your article on Pope Francis, “God made you like that and loves you like that’ evoked comments from an obvious and angry, and no less, ignorant individual. By the way as a reminder to the writer, we understand your obvious ignorance.

  3. Ansohn

    Yes, and God will have loved these people before throwing them in hell.Attention not to be part of it because of the false conception of God that we might have.

  4. Jim spies

    I know everybody makes mistakes and sins !!!! christians included and also myself!!!!! We all fall short of God period!!!! But who is the pope that he says God created this man to be a homosexual and i t does not matter !!!! When the word of god says homosexuality is A STENCH TO GOD`´S NOSTRILLS !!! this is wat is says in my NIV. bible . So the pope is not in line with the truth !!!! greetz jim spies

  5. Anita

    Hello Pastors, Thank for your kind letter that you are praying for me, I appreciate it so much! Please pray my daughter comes back to Jesus and my son-in-law becomes a Messianic Jew. Thank you! This Pope is very evil and blasphemous against Jesus and the Holy Bible! The Catholic Church has raped and molested little boys, then tells them it is alright to be a homo! They turned them into homosexuals! He even uses God Holy Name to speak his evil! Hell will be hot for these so called religious leaders! God is not mocked! Thank you for exposing what hypocrites using the cross of our Lord are doing. We pray for Jesus soon return! He is coming for a people looking for Him! I sure am! I know you are also! God bless you!

    Sincerely, Anita Arnell

    • Mindy

      Praying for you, your daughter and son in law! It is tough to watch your loved ones go the way of the world, but never give up hope

      Much love in Christ- Mindy

    • Justin

      No one molested me. I had a healthy upper middle class upbringing with both parents and I’m gay. I didn’t choose it either and have always know I was different. You are not gay, so you can not with any validity tell me or anyone else that we chose this life. No one would choose to have a life of constant bullying and hatred.

      I did not choose this and science has now proven that our brains function differently than heterosexual men. That indeed means that it isn’t something we chose. Did you choose to be heterosexual? No one chooses who they’re attracted to and you can’t just wake up one day and say “you know what, I’m going to be gay”. The fact that you believe this is frightening.